Mrs Jarvis, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Woolford retirement

By Sylvia Woolford

The following text appeared in an article in the local Newspaper:

Parents, teachers and pupils of Grays Infant School in Newhaven held a surprise party for three retiring members of staff.

Cake and ice-cream was the order of the day as more than 100 children and their parents said farewell to headmistress Miss Hazel Jarvis, deputy head Mrs Julie Coleman and school secretary Mrs Jean Woolford.

The three women, who have clocked up a total of 62 years at the school between them, all plan to spend more time on their hobbies in their retirement.

Photos show the 3 ladies enjoying their special day.

Photo:Leaving Tea Party

Leaving Tea Party

Local newspaper

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I remember this party, I was there. Miss Jarvis was the head teacher and Mrs Woolford told me off for not knowing how to wash my hands properly, following an incident involving a bombing seagull. I still remember being made to stand and "face the wall" by Mrs Coleman after being framed for a playground crime I didn't commit. Still scars me to this day!

Mrs Coleman used to play the piano in assembly and taught the other half of our year group in the top year. I was in Mrs Roger's class. There was a "teaching assistant" in reception called Mrs Penfold, and I'm sure I remember my mother saying she used to work at Newhaven Infants' School, which is where the amazing Somerfield is now.

By Stephen Pilfold
On 10/01/2008

Glad you remembered the party. Do you know the names of the children in the photo also?

Also to let you know that mum (Mrs Woolford) is now 86.

By Sylvia Woolford
On 10/01/2008

It's hard to say.... I have a picture of Southdown Junior School 1986 first year (year 3) Mrs Gibson's (nee Scott, got married while she was our teacher) class, some of whom would have been in Mrs Coleman's final class. I'll send that picture in, I can probably name most of the kids in that.

By Stephen Pilfold
On 12/01/2008

Hi There. Yes I remember this photo I was sat second in from the left on the front row...
My mum still works at this school to this day, and has done so for 32 years along side Mrs Naskau through to Mrs Coleman, and now with Mrs Terry... she has seen her children at the school, and now their children.

On 04/02/2008

Hello Paul
Your mum must be Sue Elliott then? We used to live in Chapel Street, and I know your mum. Thanks for your comments.

By Sylvia Woolford
On 04/02/2008

Hi there
This photo brought back happy memories for me.
On picking my daughter Paula up from school one day I was thanked most profusely by Mrs Phelps for volunteering to cook with the children once a week!! Paula said that she had asked her teacher (Mrs Phelps) why they didn't do cooking like Mrs Coleman's class? Mrs Phelps replied that she didn't have a mummy to help and, never backward in coming forward, Paula volunteered me! (Ann Payne used to cook with the children in Mrs. Coleman's class before she became the school secretary after Mrs Woolford). Paula was in her last year at the school and I used to go in every Wednesday morning with the ingredients for the children to make various cakes and biscuits etc. After Paula left the school I carried on with the cooking each week as James had started there. Somehow or other I ended up doing 10 years as the 'cooking lady' at Grays, fitting it in before driving the Evening Argus van delivering newspapers to the shops at lunchtime! My children were 17 and 15 when I stopped, due to taking on a full-time job with the Evening Argus! Miss Jarvis was the headteacher when I started and after Mrs Phelps came Mrs Doreen Rogers, who I still keep in touch with via a Christmas card. I enjoyed every minute of those 10 years.

By Marilyn Nolan
On 23/04/2008

I was in one of the first classes at Grays, having moved from the Meeching Infants school, when they demolished it.

I was put back a year because the school year dates changed. I went from being the youngest in a class to the oldest (dob sep 8/64), but apparently the extra year didn't help much!

My kids laugh at this but I distinctly remember still using slate and chalk for the first year at Grays before moving up to Mrs Colemans' class. She scared the willies out of me with just one look over those half rim glasses.

We also had a playground lady with a withered arm who was the kindest person you could ever wish to meet, and in our first year I remember one of the Shepherd boys, not sure if it was Lee or David, leaning back in his chair and going straight through the outside wall of a classroom.

By Rob Patten
On 18/05/2008

I remember the Retirement party very well, as I had a lot to do with the "secrecy!", the entertainment, and the presents to be awarded! Glad to see my friend Marilyn Nolan's comments and send my love to her and her family!

By Doreen Rogers
On 12/07/2008

Mrs Jarvis had jet black hair when I started at Grays (Southdown). I moved from Meeching Infants, which was demolished, into year 6 (year 4 in those days). Mrs Jarvis used to cajole us into helping the infants to get into their wellies for playtime. It was a fab school.

By Claire Hiscott
On 08/09/2008

Hi, it makes me wonder where the years have gone when I read comments like these. When Grays School was about to be built, I was one of first on site with a foreman by the name of John who lived at Seaford, but whose surname escapes me at the moment. I had the task of installing all the underground drainage, materials were cast iron in those days, not like todays plastic stuff. Later when the caretakers bungalow was being built I fell from the roof while fitting the leadwork to the chimney. Fortunately it was only my pride that was hurt. This was another Oxley and Bennett construction.

By Colin Brandon
On 06/06/2010

I am sure Mrs Coleman was a lovely lady but the thought of her still scares me to this day! She used to play the piano with her leg on a stool.

By Tracey Thomson(neve)
On 20/05/2011

I can remember Mrs Coleman when she was Miss Thompson at Newhaven infants school,also a Miss Blann. Mrs Coleman also taught my children at Grays, she was firm but fair.

By Ivy Smart nee Fitzroy
On 08/10/2011

Dear Mrs Woolford. My brother is Paul Elliott who commented but it looks like he didn't respond to you. You are right in that it is Sue Elliott and she still works there and still lives in Chapel Street 41 years later. She has seen 3 of her grandchildren through the school. Hope you are well and this has made me want to dig out all old school photos from mums now.

By Anne Ford
On 01/11/2013

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