Now Meeching Court Flats

Meeching Manor built in the 17th Century. The second photo shows the building in 1952 taken just prior to when it was demolished.

The site is now the location of council built, Meeching Court.

Photo:Meeching Manor in its former glory

Meeching Manor in its former glory

Robert Robson Private Collection

Photo:Meeching Manor in decline, 1952

Meeching Manor in decline, 1952

Robert Robson Private Collection

Photo:Meeching Court Flats, 1984

Meeching Court Flats, 1984

Mrs Mary Morgan Private Collection

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About 1948/1949 Manor Farm was used as a warehouse by the Vacco flask factory Railway Road (the old roller skating rink). Also, I beleive Brightwell Dispensers may have had a workshop here shown in the foreground on the left. Also, my brother Colin fell over and cut his head open while playing in this forbidden area circa 1953.

By June Gough
On 16/12/2007

My Nan lived at 6 Fort Road, which is the walled building to the right of the 1984 photo. The high wall enclosed a small courtyard with outbuildings to the rear and the main building fronting Fort Road. The main building was seperated into numbers 2, 4, & 6 Fort Road and I think it was built that way. I spent many happy hours playing as a kid in that back courtyard.

By Rob Patten
On 03/05/2008

My Nan lived on the second floor in the flats I think.

By Terry Howard
On 22/02/2010

Was this Newhaven's (Meeching's) original manor house, or was there another larger more impressive building somewhere in the town, other than the one near the town centre on Meeching Road, which I would imagine was built later than the 17th century ?

By Rob Patten
On 04/03/2021

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