Photo showing Church and Hall, also the Corner of the Volunteer Inn

Photo:Christ Church

Christ Church

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I was christened in this church and had always wondered what it looked like so this photo has filled in a bit of knowledge for me about my past.

By Derek Longly
On 21/05/2011

Hi I was christened in this church as well. It to brings back memories as it is long gone.

By Neill Jupp
On 22/05/2011

We used to go every sunday with our Mum, Mary Ingram. When it was demolished she obtained a piece of the stone work & I now have it & use it as a door stop here in my kitchen in Poland. My brother-in-law Michael Andrews was also one of the demolition gang.

By Margaret Andrews Nee Ingram
On 22/05/2011

I was also christened in this church aged 11yrs! However my best memories were of pumping the organ as a punishment for scrumping from the vicar's garden of the church on the corner which has been used as a flea market (forgotten name).

By Mary (nee Carter)
On 22/05/2011

The Volunteer Inn was the smallest pub I have ever seen, when Joe Botting (the Landlord) and I, both pretty large chaps, stood at the bar there wasn't a lot of space for anybody else!

By Dave King
On 10/06/2011

When at the junior school at South Lane we used the church hall for music and gymnastics . In the summer a group of children from Doctor Barnardos used it, sleeping on the hall floor during their brief summer holiday.

 I used the Volunteer Inn and was in their darts team from 1960 to 1962. It had 2 very small rooms, the back room had the dart board in so 2 teams of 8 each totally filled the pub! Mary did you ever live in Norman Road ? 

By David Carter
On 22/02/2012

I was the silly boy who fell out of one of those trees in front of the Church when a branch snapped. Landed on the Spiked railings beneath. Right leg still in a mess. Three months in Hospital as a 7 1/2 year old not so funny. Lesson learned.

By William Still
On 23/02/2012

So it was you I have to blame William, for my mother telling me not to climb trees. She said someone had been impaled on the church railings. I can remember going to the church hall for a pre school class and later for gym.

By Terry Howard
On 25/02/2012

My sister and I were responsible for Bill falling out the tree. We were throwing stones trying to knock conkers down, along came Bill, "No need for that I will get some for you." Something you never forget. The railings had not been there long as the originals had been taken for war scrap.

By Brian Urry
On 25/02/2012

I didn't really mind the fall Brian. It was the sudden stop on that spiked railing I didn't like ha ha

By William Still
On 26/02/2012

Small world. I also sustained damage to my leg on those railings, during a conker hunt. I still bear the scar to this day. I had to visit Dr Alexander at his house in Brighton Road to get it tidied up.

By Ron Herriott
On 27/02/2012

The spike went clean through the right leg and swung me upside down banging my head against the wall beneath the railing. A man who was passing lifted me off and took me to the police station where I had to wait for Amy's old Vauxhall ambulance to take me to hospital in Brighton, where I stayed for three months.  My mother thought I would lose my leg, but luckily for me the doctors managed to save it.

By William Still
On 28/02/2012

I too remember remember the Christ Church. For some unknown reason my mother got me into the choir when I was about eight or nine. Couldn’t sing at all. Had choir practice on a Thursday evening. Must have been for the penny we received. I believe the rector was a Mr Newby? 

By John Snow
On 09/06/2012

I remember William Still (we always called him Billy) falling out of that tree. I was just passing with some friends when it happened. I didn't know 'till now how bad it was. From what I can remember Billie was always getting in some sort of scrape.

By B. Greenfield
On 12/04/2013

I attended Sunday School here in the 1940s. My Sunday School teacher was my Aunt Miss Blackman. Who lived in Brighton Road. 

By John Winter
On 23/04/2018

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