By Ray Turner

Whoops we couldn't go out that day!

I parked on a dry road in the evening, and in the morning it was surrounded by water!

My car is a Hillman.

Photo:Flood at Robinson Road

Flood at Robinson Road


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The small tug at metrecs berth is called the Alex T, at this time powered by Paxman Diesel. This tug was towing a cutter suction dredger that had been used to dredge Cresta Marine. Whilst off Peacehaven the dredger capsized and the large Transformer broke away. Fishing trawlers used to damage nets on it for years.

By Charlie Hutchings
On 12/01/2015

Do you have any more information on her, Charlie? She might be one of the 'missing' tugs in my 'Newhaven Tugs' collection - the ones I can just recall but not well enough to put a name on. Was she based here or just visiting?

By Andy Gilbert
On 14/01/2015

I think the Alex T was in Newhaven for around a year, and was sold for further work in the Persian Gulf, being shipped out as deck cargo.

The little tug Garrick was also used in connection with Cresta Marine dredging. Sadly her owner skipper was drowned whilst attempting to board the tug from his dinghy in the marina. The Garrick was then acquired by Metrec. Spent most of its remaining time at the north end of the North Quay, she was german built single screw direct reversing M.W.M. diesel engine.

Some other tugs that we do not seem to be metioned much: Chelsea owned by Roger Wood,  Lizana, MNS 52, Dagger, all spent some time working from Newhaven. Lizana was the one that suffered an explosion in her after cabin causing much damage resulting in her being cut up for scrap.

Often mistaken for being a tug was the Hamburg owned by SM Tidy - she was in fact a Pilot boat built in Germany, twin screw with direct reversing M.W.M. diesel engines and a single rudder. Spent years in the harbour, often the Golden Lilly mfv was berthed alongside.

By Charlie Hutchings
On 19/01/2015

Most of those I do recall, like Hamburg, but Lizana and Chelsea I don't. There was also Sunnyside, another TID conversion, IIRC.

Do you, or anyone else reading this, recall a tug that had a blue hull around this time? I can see it clearly but can't put a name to it, and most of the photos from then are black and white!

By Andy Gilbert
On 20/01/2015

Sorry I can't remember the tug. I think you are looking for, Metrec's "Fonda" think it had a blue hull but this was much later, we towed it to Newhaven from Holland  with the "Ocean Puller" around 1974.

The "Chelsea" stood in for the "Meeching" on a number of occasions, perhaps best known for pulling the German coaster "Thekla" from the beach near Rye where she was beached. She was berthed in Newhaven on and off from 1972 to 1975.

By Charlie Hutchings
On 24/01/2015

I have a question on behalf of a friend of mine who is desperately trying to get a picture of an old Newhaven shop... It was called J.W. Brown's and was along Robinson Road near the recycling centre at the back of Elphick Road by the sounds of it? Have you ever heard of it? or know where I could maybe get pictures of it? Her Grandpa used to help out in there as a lad. Its a long shot.

By Heather McLean
On 05/03/2015

I am interested in this tug GARRICK and assume that this is the same one here: http://riverthames.sosugary.com/displayimage.php?pid=163

I wonder who the unfortunate captain-owner was, and when he drowned.  Presumably that that would have been reported in the local papers.  Also looking for what happened to her after her time with Metrec.  Hopefully somobody knows more.

 Quite possibly the same tug. A visit to Newhaven Museum and a rummage through the press cuttings scrapbooks might come up with the answer, but that's a big task unless we can narrow down the date of the incident! Andy-Editor

By David Asprey
On 13/06/2015

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