Photo:The Arundel crew

The Arundel crew

Beulah Brewer

Photo:The Arundel crew

The Arundel crew

Beulah Brewer

Photo:This photograph (c. 1920's) belonged to my father Mr William Pellett who worked on the S.S. Arundel for over 30 years

This photograph (c. 1920's) belonged to my father Mr William Pellett who worked on the S.S. Arundel for over 30 years


We have recently received a letter from Beulah Brewer (nee Pellett), and some photos of the crew of the 'Arundel'

This is a poem that Beulah wrote about her days in Newhaven.

To Newhaven

I dream of my days by the sea shore where I lived when I was young

I would take a walk by the river wall, thinking of all the delights in store

How contented the small boats looked, moored to the landing stages

And how majestic the cross channel ships

Serene on a high tide safely anchored in their haven

On I would walk to the harbour mouth and get the smell of the open sea

What a wonderful vast expanse waiting there for me

Under the cliff tops I would roam to find sea pinks and anemones

Gulls wheeling and crying in the sky, where small white clouds went scudding by

On to the beach where the warm soft sand

From an ebbing tide played with my feet

Over to the rock pools to find baby crabs by the score

And limpets clinging oh so tight, hanging on with all their might

Slippery sea-weed waving to and fro

As the years went by and I walked  my small son, to savour the same delights

He always sang a happy tune, as soon as the sea was in sight

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Comments about this page

I went to school with a Richard Pellett who lived in Chapel Street. Surely he was from the same family. He would now be around 60 years of age. He is also in a photo on this site as someone I identified in the Crown Inn Darts team in the late 60's.

By Paul Blackman
On 17/06/2009

I remember Abbie well, but does anyone know of a Albert Brooker who lived in Chapel Street before the war? I believe he lived near Abbie Pellet.

By John Snow
On 12/07/2009

Richard Pellett, my cousin, still lives in Newhaven and can be found in the phone book!
As to Albert Brooker, also my cousin, he sadly died some years ago. We all lived at 40 Chapel Street, at some time during the war, with my Gran and Grandad. To my mind it was always a happy house, even when we were in the bomb shelter in the back garden at night!

Ian Mumford son of Lucy Mumford nee Pellett.

By Ian Mumford
On 11/01/2010

Thanks for your information on Albert Brooker, Ian. Albert was a great pal of mine during our school days. Sad to hear he has passed away. I always wonderd what happened to him after the war.

By John Snow
On 26/02/2010

My father Don Ansell is son of Cath Pellett, and spent many years living with May Bence, (was Pellett). I now live in Newhaven with my husband and it is funny to think we have moved into the town where my relations spent a lot of their childhood. Suzanne Ansell 28/03/10

By Suzanne Ansell
On 29/03/2010

I'm a third cousin, once removed, of Abbie William Pellett and his sisters, through their mother's Blunden. Thank you for posting these very interesting photographs and the accompanying notes. Cheers, from Nova Scotia.

By Alison Kilpatrick
On 07/01/2011

It was hard to get to this link as there is not a reference to "The Pellett Family" in your index!! William & Lottie Pellett had 8 children, the eldest being Lucy & the youngest being Abbie, who also worked on the cross channel ferries after the war! There are still two sisters alive Beulah & Peggy.

By Ian Mumford
On 13/08/2012

Have been searching for my grandfather Frank Vinall on these pages and now found him in photo 1 squatting directly behind and to the left of the gentleman seated at the front, he was stoker.

By Rob Vinall
On 30/11/2017

There he is again in Photo 2, Frank Vinall looking much more like a stoker, far right in the second row from front.

By Rob Vinall
On 02/12/2017

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