Contrast of our two beaches this year.

By Vicky Delaney

I took the first two photos on East Side beach on a perfect day in June at about 11.am with happy families already enjoying themselves, (as we all should be able to in lovely weather). Photo No 3 shows the fishermen out in force on the east pier at the same time.

But contrast this with photo No 4 which shows our lovely sandy beach on the west side of the harbour empty of happy families because it is still closed to the public. And to add insult to injury we have no access to walk or fish along the breakwater.

Another wasted summer for the west beach! Lets hope this will be put right before the summer holidays. But I very much doubt it !

Photo:Cooking lunch on East Beach!

Cooking lunch on East Beach!

Vicky Delaney

Photo:First in the water gets a Double Burger

First in the water gets a Double Burger

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Happy Fishermen on the East Pier

Happy Fishermen on the East Pier

Vicky Delaney

Photo:THE FORBIDDEN BEACH ! What a waste


Vicky Delaney

This page was added by Vicky Delaney on 08/01/2010.
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Well the beach would still have been open today if the current owners had the Same PRIDE and RESPECT as BRITISH RAIL did. Though BR was before my time, we have all heard the good stories of this company.
It is only a matter of time when the breakwater falls to the sea. And the next thing to suffer will be parts of the cliff, the land that we live on, and what about Newhaven Fort? It could all go. WHAT A SHAME.
Just think about all the history this PORT and TOWN have. eg. this Sunday the 9th August 2009 is the 67th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.
I wish that someone would just wake up and and open their eyes before it's all too late .
Lest we forget !!!!

By Heidi Watkins
On 06/08/2009

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