In the harbour 1957

By John Quinton

This picture was taken by my father, Charles Quinton.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'T.S 'BRIGHTON'' page
This page was added by John Quinton on 16/10/2009.
Comments about this page

Always nice to see colour photos of our ships from this era. Note the 'missing' white line between the black and red parts of the hull. Some ships had it, others not, seemed almost to be at the whim of the Master (or perhaps the chief painter!).

By Andy Gilbert
On 18/10/2009

Lovely picture of the well-covered T.S.BRIGHTON, which is shown here on an east side lay up berth location and is also shown on many other sections of this site plotting her history etc .

By chris young
On 18/10/2009

The white line between antifouling paint ( Red ) and topsides of hull ( Black ) is normally called a boot top line, and it always makes a cleaner more aesthetic look to finishing a vessels main painted areas on the hull, however it can be a painstaking exercise particularly on ships etc .

By Chris Young
On 01/11/2009

What a great photo of Brighton and with the sheerlegs in the background, where can I get a copy?

Copyright in the photos we use remains with the photographer and the photos are used here with permission solely for use on the site. We are therefore unable to supply copies, sorry. Andy, Editor

By Terry Howard
On 15/03/2010

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