By David Bain

Photo:BR Football team

BR Football team

David Bain

The BR football team from around 1970.

Can you put some names to faces? - Andy, Editor.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 28/05/2010.
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Here are some of the names David remembers: Green/black team back row Tony Russell George Ince ?? Paul Smith ?? ?Atkinson ?? Front row ? Allan ? Tookey David Bain ? Allan ?? Center Mike Winder John Cox ?? Red/black team - only remember John Watts. Red team Back row Brian Renvile Tony Browning Ray Wells Butch Meacham ?? ? Smith. Front row Alan Prior Graham Amy ?? John Shepherd Bob Jones

By Pat Bain [Fitzroy]
On 29/05/2010

This photo was taken the year after I finished playing. I can add some info as follows: Green/Black team - The 'Atkinson' is Ricky Atkinson, he lived opposite me in Brighton Road. Not so sure George Ince is correct as I always remember George being in goal but I cannot offer another name so you may be right. Next is Bob Young. Between Paul Smith and Ricky it looks like Laurie Bulman, 'Allen' looks like Tony Allen; met Tony recently, he now lives in Alciston. The 3 men standing between the teams at the back are Mike Winder, Bob Cox (Manager) and Paul Cooper. In the Red team - last 2 on right at back, could be Dave Buskell but on the end it is definitely Mike Smith who I went through school with. Your missing name on the front row is Dick Sorrell. Unfortunately when you enlarge the picture it loses clarity or else I am sure I could identify more. Strangely enough Pete Woolford seems to be missing, he was probably the best player to play for British Rail. Don't know any of the Red/Black team as I think this was the first year British Rail ran a 'Third Eleven'.

By Paul Blackman
On 18/06/2010

Additional comment to above, just remembered that Greg Starks is in the centre front row of the Red/Black team. Greg, along with Bob Young, Bob Cox, Dave Preece and a few others was one of the founder members of the club in 1967.

By Paul Blackman
On 18/06/2010

Think I may be able to help with some further names. Next to Butch Meacham in Red team is Kevin McLoughlin from Hove. In the Red/Black Stripe team back row l/r Mick Sellance, Mick Webster, Ian Winton, ? Robson, Bob Heasman, Ken Limage, Mick Raynor, ? front row:- John Watts, Derek Goodey, Greg Starks, Glen Stone, ?, Due to the poor quality of the picture I am unable to recognise any faces in the Green/Black team but I may have clearer picture somewhere.

On 24/06/2010

Nice to hear from Greg,but you have got it wrong with the guy next to Butch,it is Dave Buskell. I hope that Greg has more photosfor us ex-players to see. I totally agree with Paul about Pete Woolford, he was the best player I ever played with, and the best player in the area at the time easily. I'm sure he could have made pro if he was more serious about his football and realised how good he was, brilliant!! Name me a better player. It would be great to hear from any of the lads who used to play,


By Ray wells
On 10/08/2010

I would like to comment on the founding of British Rail F.C. In the making of the club, Neil Cutler, Greg Starks, Bob Young, Dave Preece and Bob Cox were the original founders somewhere around 1967. Neil was there from the very start and having spoken to him recently, I think he may have some unseen photos of the past teams, which I hope he will share with us.

By Ray Wells
On 03/09/2010

Having got the magnifying glass out, I can see in the red/black team'far right back row is Shaun Duchossy, hope the spelling is right

By Ray Wells
On 04/09/2010

Has Greg got any photographs of our trainer Wilf Tranter who used to be accompanied by Howard Wilkinson on training nights - totally agree about the Pete Woolford comments - great player and nice person.

By Dave Preece
On 30/10/2010

Regarding the many comments about Pete Woolford above, think I can remember why he is missing, Pete went to play for Seaford Sunday about this time. That team was run by Brian (Joe) Powney who was the Brighton goalkeeper at the time and many of the top players in our area went over to Seaford, Trev Blacktin being another one of them. The reason I remember is that is because Pete told me that during training one evening he collided with Dave (the sythe) Farley and Dave came off worst ! Now if any of you remember Dave he was not one to mess about with but he just told Pete not to worry about it. Pete always thought that Dave may probably put that in his 'memory bank' but he never did so he is one of the few to have clashed with 'the sythe' and got away with it......unless of course you know different.

By Paul Blackman
On 01/11/2010

I have not got any photos of Wilf Tranter when he was coaching our team, only personal photos as he was a family friend. I am still in touch with him, he runs several nursing homes in the Swindon area and lives in Shrivingham, Oxfordshire. He has a house in Cyprus and intends to retire there soon.

On 21/12/2010

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