Photo:As it is today 3 - Oct 10

As it is today 3 - Oct 10

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As it is today 1

Alec Paddy

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As it is today 2

Alec Paddy

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As it is today 4 - Oct 10

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As it is today 5 - Oct 10

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As it is today 6 - Oct 10

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As it is today 8 -Oct 10


By Alec Paddy

When I saw this on ebay I couldn't resist it, having seen it so often through my childhood, and have added it to my collection of Bedford TKs.  The engine served Newhaven faithfully from 1977 to 1990, then went into reserve until 94 (some time spent at Bexhill) and has since been owned by various collectors in the Midlands.  Unfortunately the last one left it outside and it is in need of some TLC.

It is Taxed/Insured and just needs the paintwork redoing as well as some repairs to the roof and cab timbers.  I have taken it for a short trip, to put it undercover for the Winter, and hope to have it out next year to take to a few shows. I intend to bring it back over to Newhaven at some stage.

I have included a couple of photographs of it in its current state and if you follow the link below you can see what it looked like in its heyday.  I would be inerested in anything that adds to the history of this vehice.  Rather water damaged but still readable were some leave request forms from Newhaven Firemen in the 80's.


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As you know Alec, I lived on Fort Road just along from the station and rode my bike in and around the fire station quite a bit. I remember standing watching, with my cousin Lee, whilst they pressure tested the hoses and receiving a soaking when one coupling wasn't secure. Lee was standing behind me and remained dry. In a strange twist, having moved to Canada, I was on the fire department here for a number of years and had one call behind my cousin Lee's house (he also came to Canada when he was 8). He was stood watching us put out a bush fire when I reminded him of the leaking coupling incident....and gave him a quick squirt as payback.

By rob patten
On 01/11/2010

Rob, Nice to "speak", I'll ask Sylvia again to pass on our respective email addresses. I used to see this engine in Saxon Road often as a number of the firemen lived in our road. On a related subject I am not sure if you remember the dustcarts my father had up to 1973; a forthcoming project is to get a Bedford dustcart shipped down from Yorkshire and then repaint it to look like the ones he had. I'll be posting some pictures in due course.

By Alec Paddy
On 06/11/2010

Having owned this Fire Engine now since 2010, but managing to use it very little I have concluded that it is time to try to find someone else to look after this bit of Newhaven's history.  

A considerable amount of work was done to restore the mechanical and structural components by myself and my father (John).  The major thing left is the paintwork.  I have collected lots of the equipment that was missing, including a ladder.

if you are local to Newhaven, have dry storage (these were not designed to be stored outside) and are interested in using it for shows, etc, then let me know.  It can be viewed near Liphook, in Hants.

if you have an account you can Message me, if not ask the Administrators to pass on details.

I have in the past offered it on loan to the Fire Brigade for charitable use, however that doesn't appear to be something they can do anymore.

When I get a moment I will post some photos of the extensive restoration we carried out.

By Alec Paddy
On 26/05/2019

Hello Alec,

Regarding your earlier message, I do remember the two new Bedford TK dustcarts your family had; they were unusual by then in being petrol-engined.  I also remember the earlier Bedford O-type and, before that, a Dennis, owned by Mr. Blann (your grandfather?).

Newhaven was unusual in having a contractor for refuse collection, rather than council-owned vehicles and staff, but that is how it is done everywhere now, except they are major combines rather than family-owned businesses.

By Bruce Macphee
On 11/06/2019

Hi are you still considering finding a new home for the Newhaven TK? I live in Eastbourne and would be seriously interested in showing and preserving it. Perhaps you would you let me?

Drop me a message if you still want to find a new home for it please. 

Thanks Andy

By Andy Mills
On 05/07/2019

I’m still interested to if you are considering selling the fire engine!

By Andy Mills
On 11/07/2019

Andy, yes I am.  I have sent an email to an address I plucked off a Fire Engine photo website, hopefully you are the same person.  If not we can try to exchange details via the good office of the website administrators.

We can arranged the email swap if your Fire Engine photo website does not work..  John - editor 


By Alec Paddy
On 12/07/2019

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