By Laurie Stonehouse

The Fort has enjoyed thirty years as a fantastic day out for all the family, but reports in the local newspapers suggest a possible sale to a private company. Lets hope this historic site remains open for the people of Newhaven and tourists that visit our town.

Photo:On Parade - 1990

On Parade - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Inside the Fort - 1990

Inside the Fort - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Photo:View of the casements and Harbour - 1990

View of the casements and Harbour - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Photo:The Parade area - 1990

The Parade area - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Fort and Harbour

Fort and Harbour

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Police Vehicles

Police Vehicles

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Childrens play area - 1990

Childrens play area - 1990

Vicky Delaney

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 18/07/2012.
Comments about this page

I can remember being in the Fort for a party on coronation day 1953. I'm pretty sure it rained, I seem to think we had paper plates and some got thrown around. Can anyone else recall being there?


By Terry Howard
On 19/07/2012

These great photos brought back happy memories for me of attending some of the events at the fort during the time I lived in Newhaven. Thanks.

By Derek Longly
On 20/07/2012

I was there for that, Terry. I got a mug which I still own.

By Doug Hall
On 20/07/2012

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