Bottom of Town Centre

Freeman Hardy & Willis was once a well known national shoe shop which no longer exists in the town.  Located between the High Street Chemists and the Baguette shop it is now a charity shop, however the initials FHW are still visible on the front step of the shop! (Peter Bailey M.B.E)

Photo:High Street Freeman Hardy Willis

High Street Freeman Hardy Willis

Courtesy of: Newhaven Historical Society

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I remember my mother buying our school shoes here in the 1960/70's. We also bought shoes in the co-op in Bridge Street. Does anyone else remember using these shops?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 22/08/2007

I remember both Co-Ops in Bridge Street, the food store still being open into the early/mid 1980s. It now lies under Bridge Court of course!

By Marquis
On 10/01/2008

Yes, I remember my mother buying our shoes there too and also the Co-op shop at the bottom of the town. We'd have them mended at old Howell's shoe repair in Chapel Street near Dale White's, the hairdresser!

By Sylvia Porritt
On 27/05/2008

I bought my very first pair of pointed toe stiletto heels in this shop, they cost 29/11d;
they were really uncomfortable but I thought they looked great so comforrt did not matter, unlike nowadays comfort is everything!!

By Lyn Preece
On 07/07/2008

In the late 1950's when I worked at FHW, the Manager of the store was Mr Tim Walters.

By Betty Lynch
On 10/03/2013

I bought a pair of purple winkle pickers from this shop in the early sixties. They were great, I loved them, they had steel in the heels and you could hear me coming a long way off.  My dad wouldnt let me in the house with them on, he hated them.

By Terry Howard
On 11/03/2013

Like you Terry I bought my first pair of winkle pickers from FHW. I bought them using my first pay packet from Ferguson's on Denton Island in February 1964. My wages were £3.12s.6p for the week and the shoes cost 39/11 (That's £3.60 per week and the shoes were 1 old penny under £2 for those who have no memory of the 'old' coinage). I gave my Mum £1.10s (£1.50p) which that week left me half a crown for the week......again that's twelve and a half pence today. Roll on next pay day !!

By Paul Blackman
On 12/03/2013

I well remember frequenting this shop.  I loved shoes and when I started work I would be in FH & W buying my winkle pickers - which my mum did not like at all!  I remember once getting home with my new shoes (they had chisel toes) only to find I had a size 4 and a size 7.  Luckily I only lived in Saxon Road so it didn't take long to pop back to the shop and get the right sizes.

By Marie Harvey
On 22/09/2014

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