Second X1 1969 Season

By Gary Bennett

Standing Left to right

David Eager, Peter Smith, Gary Bennett, Danny Daniels, Rodney Fiest, W Watts.

Kneeling Left to right

Don Fellows, Ian Staniford, David Bain, B.Smith, Michael Whittaker

Photo:Newhaven CC 2nd X1, 1969

Newhaven CC 2nd X1, 1969

Ken Attrell EBA Studios

This page was added by Gary Bennett on 14/06/2008.
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Hello Gary, remember me your young apprentice? I could not name any of the above except I recognised you!

Jack - do you have any memories to share about your time in the Cricket Club? Jackie, Our Newhaven Editor

By Jack Patten
On 16/06/2008

Nice to hear from you Jackie, are you still in Canada and is Laurie still over there?

By Gary Bennett
On 16/06/2008

Hello Gary, I have been away and just caught your message. As you well know I was not a member of the Cricket Club, just your Dad's apprentice. Laurie and I live quite close to each other. I visit Newhaven 2 or 3 times a year for just a day or so. I must say that the "Our Newhaven" is an excellent idea. Do you remeber when we nailed your shoes to the floor when we were working up the "Spike." Good times. Jack

By Jack Patten, Canada
On 20/10/2008

The cricketer far left back row is Derek Eager; he is the current captain of the senior section of Lewes Golf Club where he has been a member for many years. David Bain used to play table tennis for the Boys Club & Meeching- and a fiery player he was too! Danny Daniels was a sales rep and supplied chicken feed to customers of the Denton Hatchery of which my father Sidney was the original manager. Gary is a member of the well known Bennett family connected to the Oxley & Bennett building company.

By Paul Giles
On 19/03/2010

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