Game against a French team

By Paul Blackman

Found this photo recently. It's British Rail Football Team from around 1969 and we played a team from the French Railways at Newhaven's Ground at Fort Road. Can't remember much more but can name most. Those in plain shirts and shorts are British obviously not naming Fench players in strips.

Back row.....2 on left end are Alan Prior and Johnny Allen. Extreme right on back row is Ray Wells.

Front row from left...Bob Jones (not in kit), Tony Funnell, Alan Tapp (4th from left)....who I am sad to say passed away earlier this month on November 2nd 2014....Alan was Club Captain and a smashing guy who was always around at Club Meetings and Training to help in whatever way he could and a great influence on us younger players ... next to Alan is Graham Amy, Dicky Sorrell, Paul Blackman and Ricky Atkinson.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'BRITISH RAIL FOOTBALL TEAM' page
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I have recently found a poster for this game which was put round Dieppe.

This is now on its own page here:

By Ray Wells
On 22/04/2015

The lady in the picture is me when I was Miss Newhaven. The other reason I was invited was because I spoke French, my Mother being from France. I do believe in the front row kneeling, 4th from left is actually Allan Stone.

Hi Jackie, Nice to hear from you again, sorry to say I think you are mistaken.. 4th from the left front row is Alan Tapp and on Alan's right is Tony Russell.

Hope you are well, a long time ago we moved in next to you when you lived in Denton, just to let you know we are still there in the same house !

Kind regards  John - Editor

By Jacqueline Patten
On 16/11/2016

Hello John So glad my comments were published and thank you for your kind words. Not surprised really that you still live in the same house, it is a nice street and we were happy there. Still keep in touch with Rita Funnell, opposite, at Christmas time with cards. I regret not replying to you and Terry’s condolences to me when Jack died, my family and I were quite touched. We still miss him even though in January it will be four years already. But we had just shy of 52 happy years, but of course we always want more. Trouble was, he was so active and into many things, still slim and looked like he always has done, just a little older of course!  That darn “C” word!! Thank you once again and so glad I was told about Our Newhaven. I know Jack wrote in a few times, so I have discovered, but somehow I was not aware....he was the computer person. My family has made sure I keep connected! My family laughed when you and Terry said about talking to us through the hedges, they thought that was so funny and tried to picture it. Lee was 2 when we left there, so he doesn’t remember it. Lesley, our daughter, was born 9 years later here in Canada. Jacqueline

By Jacqueline Patten
On 20/11/2016

Hi Jacqueline, Just to let you know it will be 52 years since we married/moved in on Monday 28th November and I will write to you with all our news.


By John Hills
On 25/11/2016

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