December 2023

By John Hills


"Hi John, see what you mean! Could also be due to, shall we say, "unsavoury" contents of the river. Merry Christmas to all. Quite so...Merry..."

By: Mr Ian Bishop                                         : Added: 24/12/2023

MARY ELIZABETH WARNES - 1900-1973 (View page)

"Hi Lionel, Very sorry to hear that Edwin has past away. Sadly Barry died 2022. Lovely to see the old photos of Newhaven. Regards Carole ..."

By: Carole Knott ( nee Wilkinson )                : Added: 21/12/2023

MARY ELIZABETH WARNES - 1900-1973 (View page)

"Where have all the swans gone? We don't see many of them on the river these days. Why??? Could it be that people don't have time to..."

By: Ian Bishop                                             : Added: 21/12/2023

MARY ELIZABETH WARNES - 1900-1973 (View page)

"The kneeling man is uncle Charlie, mum's older brother. His wife, Ada, is the woman extreme right. Edwin died Nov 2021."

By: Lionel Warnes                                        : Added: 19/12/2023


"Hello Strange request, I know. My father James Albert Winson-Longley was production manager at Parkers in the 1960s. Does anyone have any i..."

By: Christopher Winson-Longley                    : Added: 14/12/2023

SEA CADETS 1960 (View page)

"The gentleman on the right (in a suit) is Vice Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson, a founder of the Sea Cadet movement."

By: Guy G                                                    : Added: 13/12/2023

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