Pictured in the 1960's

By Jenny White

Does anyone have any information about this property please ?

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This page was added by Jenny White on 20/10/2017.
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The picture is taken from outside of the Lewes Road Tavern. I remember walking past it down the hill and turning left to get to my Dad's allotment. I don't think it was in use then and seem to remember there was a hole in the ground behind it where something else once stood.

By Ron Herriott
On 20/10/2017

I assume this is near where the streets and closes that make up Meeching Valley estates is now located. Why is it called the Gas House ?

By Rob Patten
On 25/10/2017

This house was called Gas Cottage and it was where my father, Ron Britchfield, was born in 1913.  His father, Alfred, was a foreman gas fitter employed by the gas board and the cottage provided accommodation for my grandparents and some, if not all, of their five children.  The space nearby would have been where the gasometer stood and which was demolished possibly sometime in the 50's or 60's?  The Tavern nearby was literally my grandfather's local!

By Pam Morrill
On 25/10/2017

I lived with my grandparents at 79 Lewes Road and they always referred to Mr White as Mr Gas House White and said that he looked after the gasometer which stood just beyond their allotment in the valley.  They also told me the gasometer took a direct hit by a stray dogfight bullet, causing a flame but not an explosion and that whoever lived in the gas house took care of it.

By Rob Vinall
On 24/11/2017

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