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Sara Clifford

My name is Sara Clifford and, with my company 'Inroads', we have presented several large scale participatory theatre productions in Newhaven ( as well as Brighton, Lewes and Eastbourne). We have some seed funding for a new project about ghost stories in Newhaven and I would like to put a call out on your site for people to share stories with us.    

If you do have some ghost stories, please send them to and we will pass them on. The dealine for stories is 11th September. Andy - Editor   

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This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 24/07/2020.
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Legless was pretty well known in the 70s

I think there was a ghost up the fort in one of the tunnels.

Maybe the Giddy tunnel as it was known  as back then.

By Phil Wise
On 25/07/2020

In the late 1950s or early 60s there was a big scare in the town when there was a very loud sound like breathing coming from the cliff above the Hope Inn. I remember playing with friends outside one evening in Western Road and all the grown ups were talking about it. Reputedly, a local lad went there on his motorbike with his girlfriend and they started to walk around, but he was so terrified he jumped back on the bike and left her there! True or false? You decide.... I don’t recall whether they identified the sound but quite a few people believed it was ghosts....

By Val Lidster (Vinall)
On 28/07/2020

Mae Bollen was killed during the war when a bomb exploded and demolished the house on Chapel Street behind 58/60 South Road. Mae apparently was sheltering and suffocated as a result of the blast. We would experience Mae wandering around our house at number 58. She would freak the cat out, which would freak us out, and also would "play" in the back yard with my young nephew when he came to visit.

By Rob Patten
On 24/08/2020

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