A rare event in recent years, but I think we'll soon see more!

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:Full House

Full House

Andy Gilbert

Regular visitors to the 'Port and Harbour' section of the Our Newhaven website will know that I'm a great fan of 'full house' photos, where one of Newhaven's four quays (North, East, West and Railway) is full of ships and boats. It used to happen all the time but in recent years, well, we all know that the harbour isn't so busy!

But I was recently able to capture this image showing a 'full house' at the East Quay. As well as the Newhaven-Dieppe car ferry Cote d'Albatre, there's the scrap metal coaster Anzoras and the wind farm supply vessel F S Pegasus. OK, there are only three ships compared to the four or five in older photos, but remember that most of the ships are bigger these days! There was no room left on this occasion.

As the wind farm project gets into full swing over the next months and years, I expect that this sight will become the norm, rather than the exception.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 08/07/2016.
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Hi Andy, is the harbour expansion behind the east pier still going ahead as part of the Rampion project?

By Rob Patten
On 29/07/2016

As with so many things Newhaven, it's still 'in the planning stage'.

You could argue that part of it has been done, ie the demolition of the old freight sheds in readiness for the windfarm construction - or assembly - process. But as for the new deep water berths opposite the Hope Inn, that's still a long way off, if they ever get the financial backing to do it.

By Andy Gilbert
On 29/07/2016

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