Meeching assists a stranded visitor

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:Hinakura under tow

Hinakura under tow

Andy Gilbert collection

I came across this photo while scouring my own archives. Sad to say that the records I kept as to who provided it are missing. If it's your photo, let us know and we'll credit you accordingly!

This photo is from the very early 1960s and the location appears to be Seaford Bay, off Newhaven harbour. The large freighter has been identified by my friends over on Ships Nostalgia as the New Zealand Shipping Company's Hinakura and she appears to be aground. Meeching has just broken out a heavy duty towline from the cable locker below the after deck - you can see the open hatch in the foreground - and is starting to tow the vessel. Meeching's propellers are kicking up some wash but we can't see if Hinakura is moving. 

As to why Hinakura is in Seaford Bay in the first place, and how she has managed to strand herself, well they are mysteries. I can't recall ever hearing about it and none of the Ships Nostalgia crew (who normally know everything!) know anything either.

If you know, please tell me!


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