Moving downriver

By Stephen Morris

A few photographs of the Falaise moving down from the Marine Workshops to the ferry terminal after her winter overhaul.

She then sailed for South Shields for dry docking for her hull to be inspected and painted. 

The Meeching assists the Falaise as she negotiates the river and the moored boats alongside the landing stages. Note her anchor dragging to keep her bow steady.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FALAISE AFTER WINTER OVERHAUL' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FALAISE AFTER WINTER OVERHAUL' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FALAISE AFTER WINTER OVERHAUL' page
This page was added by Stephen Morris on 01/05/2016.
Comments about this page

These photos were taken between 1968, when the Newhaven-Dieppe Houseflag appeared on the funnel, and 1973, when she left the route. I took the liberty of adjusting the colour balance and removing a few scratches from the images.

There's lots to see as well as Falaise and Meeching. At the right of photo 1 is the funnel of the steam tug Chrianie, which was here during the construction of the Royal Sovereign Light Tower. At the right of photo 2 is the motor yacht Dawn Approach, at her usual position on No.13 Stage. Owned by a wealthy surgeon from Seaford, I seem to recall. In the foreground of photo 3 is the part of the RAF base at Huggetts Field. Over on the other side of the river are the houses in Railway Road and beyond them the unmistakable shape of the Parker Pen factory.

Most manouevres of this sort would have used two tugs, but at Newhaven it was common practice to use just one tug and utilise the ship's anchor to steady the bow and also to act as a brake.

By Andy Gilbert
On 02/05/2016

Thanks Andy for the additional comments. Just to correct your reference to the factory visible over on East Side behind Railway Road, it is the Reprodux factory. Parker Pen factory was further north on Railway Road.

By Stephen Morris
On 13/05/2016

Yes you're right Stephen, Parker Pen was further along, next to Grays nursery. Walked along there the other day to see the building has completely gone. Such a shame as Parker Pen was such a big employer in the town.

By Jeff Morley
On 08/06/2016

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