Photo:Coasters at North Quay

Coasters at North Quay

Newhaven Museum

Photo:Another Full North Quay

Another Full North Quay

Newhaven Musuem

Photo:The AA Raymond at Marine Workshops with ferries further down

The AA Raymond at Marine Workshops with ferries further down

Newhaven Musuem

Photo:East Quay

East Quay

Peter Bailey

Photo:East Quay in Colour

East Quay in Colour

Newhaven Museum

Photo:Ballast at North Quay

Ballast at North Quay

Andy Gilbert

Busy times at the quays

By Andy Gilbert

I've decided to put together a collection of 'full house' photos that depict Newhaven as the busy port it once was. Scouring the Newhaven Museum archives has turned up quite a few, and my thanks go to Peter Bailey for letting me use them in this collection.

I'll try to go in chronological order, so we'll start with one at the North Quay, showing a collection of steam powered coasters, some discharging timber. Hard to put a date on this one, but I think it's from the 1920's, judging from the ships. If I can get a more accurate date, I'll add it in.

The North Quay again for the next photo. Nearest is the "Maluc" (I think) with behind her the regular collier Keynes.Then judging by the design of the coasters astern of her, I'd say it was in the late 1950's or early 1960's.

Into the 1960's & from 1961-63. It is of the Railway Quay with the dredger AA Raymond nearest the camera with several ferries ahead of her. My thanks go to Richard Beckett for finding this one in the archives.

Moving into the 1970's, a photo of a busy East Quay taken by Peter Bailey shows left to right, two small unidentified coasters and Shaw Saville Line's Durango.

The colour photo is from the same era and shows Villandry passing three cargo vessels. At the left is a Prince Line vessel, then a reefer with a double-barreled name, and finally a Fred Olsen ship that seems to be called Bevan, but I'm not certain about that name. [Update: The correct name is Bruno or Bencomo - twin sisters.]

Finally, my own photo of another North Quay full house of freighters, taken on August 15th 2002, I'd been over to my Dad's for his birthday 'party' when I spotted this while driving back over the bridge. I apparently stopped on the slip road (tsk tsk!) and ran back to take the photo. It's one of the very few times that we've had five ships up there simultaneously and it's the only photo I know of such an event.  From right to left we have:- Rosita (roadstone), Arco Dart and Sand Serin (aggregate dredgers), ?? (I can't recall the name, but it's the sister ship of Rosita, also with roadstone), and right up in the distance, Hoo Robin (roadstone again).

I need a full house of fishing boats and pleasure craft at the West Quay or if you have any other 'full house' photos, please let the Museum know and they'll contact me. I'd love to include more on this page.

This page was added by Richard Beckett on 26/11/2008.

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