Hillcrest Road mid 1950's

By Jenny White

1950's photo - Are you in the picture? 

Can you put names to the four unknown faces or name the year when the photo was taken?

Back row left to right:-

Graham Harrison; Peter Russell; John Woolgar; David Goatcher; ? ; Roger Walford; David Seal; David Lower; Roy Fletcher; Terry Bulman. 

Middle row L to R:-

Melvin Moore; Roger Pease; David Piddlesden; Ian Hibling; John Ryder; Mick Hyder; David Sutton (with glasses); ? (fair hair boy) ; John Angel; Mick Humphrey; Paul Simmons; ? (trying to hide).

Front row L to R:-

David Parkinson; Neil Speck; Derek Wybrow; David Carter; Peter Philips; Peter Burroughs; Roger White; Ian Walton; Barry Last.


Photo:Boys pictured at the Hillcrest school

Boys pictured at the Hillcrest school

This page was added by Jenny White on 25/10/2017.
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Hi Jenny how are you associated with the picture? I am in it and remember some of the boys but I am not able to remember that far back to give any names to the missing lads. David Carter.

Can help you out a little David the boy hiding behind Paul Simmons we think is Kenny Harris. 

John  -- Editor

By David Carter
On 20/11/2017

It could be him as it is about the only name I can remember that is not on the list.

By David Carter
On 21/11/2017

Hi.  Just discovered this great site.  I am quite excited about it and would like to contribute!  I lived in Australia for 40 years and have been back in the UK for the last 9.

I have been moving a copy of this photo around the world for approximately 64 years or so, together with another one, taken in the playground, depicting a re-enactment of the Tolpuddle Martyrs judgement.

I can fill in a gap for you.  My name is David Goatcher and I am fourth from the left in the back row.  The year was probably 1955 but could be 1956.

My very best friends were Roger Walford, David Seal, and John Angel.  I would very much like to contact them again.  Do you have contact details for all that are identified?  How would I go about it?

Has there ever been any school or class reunions, or are there any planned?

(If you would like to contact David please post a comment and will put you in touch.   Editor)

I note that there were 7 boys named David  in the class!  Quite a high percentage!

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards, David.

Personal details removed website rules.

If you would like to contact David please post a comment and we will forward David's contact details on to you.

Thanks David  glad you like the website.. lets hope we get a response for you.

Regards  John  --  Editor 

By David Goatcher
On 06/03/2020

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