Information sheet - 1959

By John Hills

The following information sheet has been kindly given to us to publish by Mel Allen one of our contributors who found it amongst her family history paperwork at home.

The following 6 sheet booklet A5 sized information sheet was published by the Newhaven Urban District Council back in 1959 giving details of the local population numbers together with the cost of the rates levied in 1958/59, amongst other valuable information on entertainments, restaurants, cafes, hotels, garages, taxi service and holiday accommodation at that time.

I have endeavoured to make it more readable as the original was produced from a typewriter! 

If you are struggling to read the type written print I have made each page

clickable to view a larger version.

Photo:Information Sheet cover

Information Sheet cover

Mel Allen

Photo:Population and rates etc.

Population and rates etc.

Mel Allen

Photo:Local area cafes, hotels & garages etc

Local area cafes, hotels & garages etc

Mel Allen

Photo:Local services travel etc.

Local services travel etc.

Mel Allen

Photo:Hotels & boarding houses,

Hotels & boarding houses,

Mel Allen

Photo:Bed & Breakfast accommodation

Bed & Breakfast accommodation

Mel Allen

This page was added by John Hills on 29/07/2020.
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This takes me  back  John. As children we used to lie in bed on sunday mornings and dad used to challenge us to name all the shops and businesses from the bridge up to Amy's garage, he knew them all and would shout out if we missed one.

By Terry Howard
On 31/07/2020

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