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Andy, I know the one that used to stand at the Dacre Road junction was moved to the harbourside many years ago.  Has the one from Chapel Street/Fort Road been moved as well?  Where did the third one come from?

By william (billy) Still
On 11/04/2008

Yes, it was moved a few years ago. The Canadian memorial is much more recent than the other two, not sure of the exact date. I'm sure someone will know.

By Andy Gilbert
On 12/04/2008

For the Canadian one I would suggest 1982, as being the 60th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.

By Rob Patten
On 03/06/2008

I remember my Dad, John Chapman, laying the wreath at the Canadian Memorial in the late 1980s until he and my Mum moved to Yorkshire.

By Jan Chapman
On 06/11/2008

My Great Grandfather is listed on the memorial at St Mary's Church. He is Cpl William Evans T4/185898. He was killed on the 27th April 1917. He was just 32 years old. I would love to know why he is on a memorial so far away from home, and how he enlisted in Seaford ? does anybody have a picture of the names listed ? I would love to see one 



By Richard Jones
On 23/11/2014

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