First Police Sergeant at Newhaven - c1880s

By Vera Young

This is a photograph of 'Robert Richard Renville'. He was the first Police Sergeant at Newhaven Police Station in South Road (right-hand side of the Road - I'm not sure of the number, but it became an Off- Licence). He joined East Sussex Constabulary in 1860 aged 21, and he retired as Superintendent at Hailsham in 1895. His pension was £100 per annum.

Photo:Robert Richard Renville

Robert Richard Renville

Vera Young

Photo:Robert Renville's Headstone

Robert Renville's Headstone

Robert Davis

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Was he related to "Brian" who played footie for Newhaven!

By Ian Bishop
On 09/04/2008

I knew some Renvilles in East Side, any relation to them?

By Reigna Mitchell
On 17/05/2008

He was my great great great grandfather. When my mother died in 2000, I inherited a (rather unattractive) black slate mantle clock that was presented to him on his retirement.

Any other info on Renvill(e)s would be welcome as I am building the family tree

By Brian Dixon
On 08/11/2008

Further - (I didn't spot it first time) I think you'll find this is Robert Renvill. His eldest son was Robert Richard who appears in the 1891 census at 47 South Road and in the 1901 census at 99 Chapel Street. I haven't yet found any related Renvilles in East Side.

By Brian Dixon
On 09/11/2008

He was a Constable in East Grinstead 1861,
Constable in Portslade 1871, Sergeant in Newhaven 1881 and Superintendent at Hailsham 1891.
I  have also done family tree work on the Renvilles. He was born in Bolney, Sussex 1840.

By Ray sexton
On 12/04/2009

My grandad is Robert Henry Renville. Robert Richard Renville is my grandad's dads (Robert Renville) grandad.  My grandad has his book that he was awarded with when he retired after 35 years service. My brother-in-law is researching the family tree.

By Natasha white
On 25/01/2011

My grandmother, who died before I was born, had the maiden name of Renville,  she and my grandfather are both buried in Hailsham Cemetery.

When I was a small child my Aunt Kathleen Martin used to take me to Newhaven, to visit the Renville side of the family, which I believe originally came from France. Mabel Renville was a Girl Guide Mistress and her husband a Customs Officer. I think I must be related to this Policeman in some way.

I was born in Hailsham in 1925 but now live in Polegate.

By Roy Martin
On 25/02/2011

This is my great great grandfather. My grandmother Winifred Sarah Renville was his granddaughter. I was born in Newhaven and now live in St Leonards-on-Sea.

By Diane Carey nee Tucknott
On 17/02/2012

Roy Martin - the policeman was your great grandfather and Mabel Renville was your first cousin once removed. I have a few photos of your aunt Kathleen taken on family visits.

By Brian Dixon
On 18/03/2012

This is my great great great grandfather too, my grandmother's maiden name was Daisy Rookley, her mother's maiden name was Winifred Sarah Renville, who (as Diane has said) was his granddaughter.

By Naomi Chapman
On 14/05/2015

Robert Renville was my 2x great grandfather (Brian Dixon, my cousin, made a keyboard slip in putting 3x).

I recently found his grave in Hailsham Cemetery (see 2nd photo) where he was buried in 1914 alongside his first wife, our 2x great grandmother Sarah (née Sayers) who died in 1886.

The headstone reads “In Loving Memory (around the curved top)  of (middle) ROBERT RENVILLE WHO DIED MAY 22nd 1914 AGED 75 YEARS ALSO OF HIS BELOVED WIFE SARAH WHO DIED MARCH 6th 1886 AGED 47 YEARS  “UNTIL THE DAY DAWNS”  

Robert’s second eldest son, Thomas Harry Renville senior, was our great grandfather. He moved to London and married Jane Gibney (née Fairbairn), a widow who already had five children. They then had our grandfather, Thomas Harry Renville junior. After Jane’s death, Thomas senior married a widow named Johanna Maria Dorothea Barnes (née Kroger) – they wed at Steyning while living in Hove in 1929. He died in 1933 and is buried in Brighton and Preston Cemetery –there’s no headstone on the grave. Johanna, 15 years his junior, died in Brighton in 1950.

Neither Brian or I have any photos of our great grandfather Thomas Harry Renville senior, despite the fact that he lived well into the age of photography. If any other descendants have any old Renville photos which may include him, do please let me know. I now live in Brighton, having moved here recently. 

Robert (Bob) Davis.

By Robert DAVIS
On 23/05/2016

He was Great Grandad.

By Vera Renville
On 24/12/2019

I current have in my possession a group photograph of Canadian soldiers taken at Pirbright Camp, Surrey in 1941 which was sent to Miss J.M.Renville, at 19 Gibbon Road, Newhaven, Sussex,. Any information concerning this lady would be appreciated.

A bit of background information for you Philip;

Joan M. Renville was born in Newhaven early in 1924 and the daughter of Albert E. Renville and Violet M. Wilkes who were married in early 1923.

Joan Renville married Albert E. Luttman in 1947 in Newhaven and went on to have three children .Christine ,Rosemary and Edward.

Hope that helps a you.

John  -- Editor.

By Philip Matthews
On 07/05/2020

Just to let you know that Joan Luttman (nee Renville) was my mother. Her and my dad, Albert Luttman, did in fact have 4 children. They were married on 1st February 1947. Graham was born in December 1947 Followed by Christine in 1949, me Rosemary in 1952 and Edward in 1959. Sadly Christine and Edward have passed away. 

By Rosemary Foster
On 28/07/2020

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