Published c1990's

By Teresa Mackintosh

Is the series of Newhaven books still available, l lent my set and never got them back!

Hi Teresa,

For your information I have book number 4 in the series of 5, the contents contain old picture postcards of Newhaven and the surrounding area compiled by the late Peter S. Bailey.

The book I have was purchased in W H Smiths Stationers and is copyright of the European Library  -  Zaltbommel/Netherlands

GB ISBN  90 288 4699 9 / CIP

Hope this helps in your quest.

John - Editor

This page was added by Teresa Mackintosh on 20/12/2019.
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Hi Teresa,

I've got book numbers 1-5, here's the ISBN numbers for each one.

No. 1:GB ISBN 90 288 2745 5 / CIP

No. 2:GB ISBN 90 288 2947 4 / CIP

No. 3:GB ISBN 90 288 3471 0 / CIP

No. 4:As per John's note above.

No. 5:GB ISBN 90 288 4840 1 / CIP

Hopefully, this is some help to you. Good luck! 

Thank you Martin for your help.

John -- Editor

By Martin Lower
On 01/01/2020

Thanks John a great help re the books.

 My pleasure, we hope you manage to locate some of the series.   John - Editor

By Teresa Mackintosh
On 13/01/2020

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