Old and new comparative views

By Andy Gilbert

An old postcard popped up on the Memories of East Sussex Facebook page that I thought I'd share here.

It shows part of South Heighton, looking along Heighton Road towards the Hampden Arms. There's no date on the card, but I'm guessing late 19th or early 20th century.

The second photo is as close as I could get to the same angle, and has been suitably 'aged'. As you can see, the buildings are still there, though there are now 'new' bungalows along the right hand side of the road as we see it. What is remarkable is just how much those trees have grown at the right, completely hiding the cottages.

Photo:South Heighton, 1900?

South Heighton, 1900?

Old Postcard

Photo:South Heighton, 11/06/2019

South Heighton, 11/06/2019

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 12/06/2019.
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Seeing that photo reminded me that I played darts for Hampden Arms in around '66-'67. Think Landlords name was 'Buck' that right ? Use to have a drink in 'Ship' first then catch No. 26 bus from Bridge Street to Hampden with my mate Maurice Deakin. Can't remember any of names of rest of darts team around that time though.

By Paul Blackman
On 12/06/2019

I must have been in that darts team around that time. A few years before I used to catch eels for Buck to make jellied eels.

By Terry Howard
On 13/06/2019

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