Some more of his Watercolours

By Tony Bannister

Here are more watercolours by Sidney Gravett.  There are three Newhaven scenes: St Luke’s Lane, Sussex Lodge and the North Quay, together with a scene Gravett painted in Southease overlooking Gwynne’s Farm.   The painting of Sussex Lodge is the only one specifically dated, 1958, but they are all from the same period.  Apologies for the poor reproduction, which do no justice to the vibrant colours, but you get the idea.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SYDNEY GRAVETT' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SYDNEY GRAVETT' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SYDNEY GRAVETT' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SYDNEY GRAVETT' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SYDNEY GRAVETT' page
This page was added by Tony Bannister on 19/08/2013.
Comments about this page

I posted the picture at the bottom about a week ago. It's of the top end of Church Hill, Newhaven and Sidney Gravett always told my mum that she is the woman walking up the hill. Mum often walked up Church Hill to visit a friend, so it could be her. It encouraged her to buy the painting!

By Helen Wagstaff
On 19/08/2013

The bottom one is very David Hockney if anyone has seen the exhibition he had at the Royal Academy you will know what I mean.

By Terry Howard
On 13/09/2013

I agree with the comment about the Church Hill picture. Is the date known? I suspect (but of course I could well be wrong) that it is a later painting. It is more stylised than other work I have seen but demonstrates, if further proof were needed, what a naturally gifted artist Sidney Gravett was. I wonder how many more of his paintings are still around locally? As I have said elsewhere, it would be great to have an exhibition!

By Tony Bannister
On 23/09/2013

I've just looked on the back of the painting but there is no date. I suspect it was about 1962. The price of the painting is on the back...5 guineas!

By Helen Wagstaff
On 01/10/2013

I also have a painting by Sidney Gravett, it's of the beach, cliffs and some of the fort.  The painting belonged to my parents but I don't know how they came by it.

By Carol Walton
On 19/03/2017

Lovely to see the old cottage on St Luke's Lane. I lived next door to Mrs Arnold's shop. Can anyone remember who lived in the old cottage?

Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson) 

By Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson)
On 20/03/2017

i have recently acquired a very perso collection group of watercolours and prints that would seem to have belonged to Gravett.

Did he live at the Chimes? Have a cat Mr Bush or Bash? There is a house with the cat on the mat. The cat looking in the window. Two churches and others, trees in water ... Not commercial ...good, as though a reference. There are about ten in all.

Martin Reynolds

Newport Wales 

By Martin Reynolds
On 06/08/2017

I might be wrong, but I believe the inhabitant of the cottage in St Luke's Lane was Mrs Honeyball.  

By Tony Bannister
On 01/01/2018

Thanks Tony

yes you are correct. 


By Carole Knott
On 02/01/2018

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