Escape from German E-boats

By Derek Longly

Further to my article concerning the wartime activities of various ships from the Newhaven-Dieppe service I have found a photograph I took from a painting seen at the Newhaven Museum at Paradise Park depicting the HMS Paris fleeing at high speed from an attack by German gun boats during World War I. 

The ship was at the time acting as a minelayer and it is said she put on such a speed during the action that her funnels glowed red hot, as can be clearly seen in the picture.  

It seemed appropriate to add this short note and a copy of the photo as an adjunct to my earlier article. 

The painting is also an item of particular interest to me as my Grandfather was serving aboard HMS Paris at the time and is relevant to the article 'Hubert Longly - My Grandfather and His Ships Part III' on this site.


Photo:HMS Paris escaping a gun boat attack in WW1

HMS Paris escaping a gun boat attack in WW1

Derek Longly collection - from painting at Newhaven Museum

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