Information about crew?

By Alan Dorman


I am the son of Edgar Dorman who served on whaleback HSL 2601 in WW2. He saw action in Sicily,Sardinia,Corsica, Elba and Italy.

Has anyone got any information about his boat, and indeed him? He survived the war and lived in Belfast.

Many thanks


This page was added by Alan Dorman on 05/10/2015.
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Hi Alan,


My father was also on 2601 in the med and looking at the ceramic mug he has for the same period with the places he visited enscribed, he was probably on the boat the same time as your father. His name is Glyn Williams. I do have some photographs of the period so I'll load them up when I get a chance.

By A. Williams
On 28/01/2019

Dear A. Williams

I’ve just seen your reply From Jan 2019!
It’s great to hear that your father may have been on 2601 at the same time as my father. Could you please email me any information at all about the HSL and your father’s involvement.

Many thanks


By Alan Dorman
On 01/06/2020

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