Photo of Lewes Road Tavern

Photo:Lewes Road Tavern

Lewes Road Tavern

Courtesy of: Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo Jan 2008

Photo Jan 2008

Sylvia Woolford

Photo:Photo Jan 2008

Photo Jan 2008

Sylvia Woolford

This page was added by Tom Baker on 12/06/2007.
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This Pub is now the Jolly Boatman - it was formerly called the Ferry Boat.

By Tom Baker
On 12/06/2007

I can remember the outside being covered in green tiles. whilst it was the Lewes Road Tavern. I used to live near the top of the road close to the junction of the High Street

By Jan Chapman
On 05/12/2007

Please can you give me any info about the Lewes
Road Tavern.  I believe my aunt and uncle kept it in the 50s and I stayed there.  If I am correct their name was Hilton.
Please can you help?
Best regards

By David Strutt
On 11/04/2008

Fred Hilton used to run the Lewes Road tavern in the 1950/60's I was in the dart team.

By Tony Baitup
On 07/03/2009

My parents Ted and Anne Curtis ran the Lewes Road Tavern in the 60's until the late 70's and were there when it was changed to The Ferryboat. Have some fond memories growing up there.

By Lesley
On 04/07/2009

My grandfather (Ted Nash of Lewes Road) used to frequent the Tavern in the early sixties. He actually won five pounds from the local paper for re-naming it, "The Ferryboat"! I have a picture from the local paper of him accepting the cheque (I could upload the photo). He lived in the last house in the row of houses just along the Lewes Road.

By Richard Gradie
On 31/07/2009

I have fond memories of the 'Ferryboat Inn' (as it was then). I used to do the Sunday night disco when Terry and Joyce Hart were the landlords there. I recall the time when they changed the name to the Jolly Boatman, the reason being (I believe) was because anyone who called for a Taxi and said they wished to be picked up from the Ferryboat, resulted in some taxi drivers going to the ferry terminal at the Newhaven Harbour by mistake.

By Tom Bonnor
On 31/10/2009

I remember those discos well, Tom!

By Andy Gilbert
On 31/10/2009

I used to go there a lot. I remember when it changed to the Ferryboat. People said what a silly name for a pub. It was a great place, I think I took my wife there on one of our first dates. Good memories, good beer.

By Terry Howard
On 22/02/2010

My Grandfather and his wife use to have the Lewes Road Tavern not sure of the year but my mum was only a youngster and she is now nearly 90. There names were Albert and Madeline Barber. Any photo's or information about it or them would be really good, can you help?

By Lynn Andrews
On 19/03/2010

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