Ken and Betty Lynch

By Laurie Stonehouse

Once upon a time there were two local shops for local people in Lewes Road,The first one at number 63 was "WOODYS" and at number 49 would have been the "HANDY STORES"

Photo:HANDY STORES - 1965 (Betty Lynch,Ken Lynch)

HANDY STORES - 1965 (Betty Lynch,Ken Lynch)

Kind permission of Ken Lynch

Photo:HANDY STORES - 1965


Kind permission of Ken Lynch

Photo:INSIDE THE HANDY STORES - 1969 (Betty Lynch)

INSIDE THE HANDY STORES - 1969 (Betty Lynch)

Kind permission of Ken Lynch

Photo:LAWES AVENUE LOOKING DOWN - 1975 (Clive Stanyard with a bucket on his head?) "HANDY STORES IN THE BACKGROUND"

LAWES AVENUE LOOKING DOWN - 1975 (Clive Stanyard with a bucket on his head?) "HANDY STORES IN THE BACKGROUND"

Tony Stanyard

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Memories or what!
I lived at "Folly Field" 100 yards from the Handy Store.
Other corner shops were the "Cafe" (I have no idea why it was so called) on the corner of Lewes Road and Ship Street, Reenys(sic) and Chillmans in Elphick Road.
My mum used these shops regularly. Sweet rationing ended in 1955. It was heaven!

By Ian Bishop
On 11/07/2008

We used to live above the shop when Mr Maseline had it in the late fifties. I can remember one day when the alleyway was reconcreted we had to ask Mr Maseline to go through his shop to get to our flat. I was too scared at 4yrs old and so ran down the alley.You can still see the footprints from my red plastic sandals from Woolworths in the concrete now, almost 50years on!

By Tony still
On 24/12/2008

I am the girl with Betty Lynch standing in the doorway of Handy Stores. I am 19 there, but all through my childhood my sister, Jenny, and I were always doing forgotten shopping for our mother. We lived in Lewes Road just above Folly Field, next door to Pat and Liz Lowles, and William Stovell on the other side, and also opposite the Goldmith girls - Ann, Susan & Sally.

By Sandy Lower
On 18/09/2009

Hi Aunty bet and Uncle Ken. I remember the shop very well, i also remember grandad working there and the fun days in your house opposite on the corner of Lawes Ave (happy days).

By P Baitup
On 31/10/2009

The lady in the picture outside Handystores with Betty Lynch (my mother) is Rosemary Taylor (was Lambert).

By Julie Richardson
On 04/04/2010

I also first remember this shop as Maselins stores when I was a child and I remember Mr and Mrs Lynch running the shop. I think the last people to run it before it closed were Mr and Mrs Ward.

As an older child we used to get cigarettes out of a machine on the outside wall of the shop and secretly smoke them up the back alley between Lawes and Evelyn Avenue! We thought we were very grown up at the time but not such a good idea looking back! 

By Mary Meadows
On 21/11/2014

In the bottom picture, the rectangular window on the white building straight ahead was my bedroom between 1952 and 1967.

The house was number ten when I moved in but number 32 when I moved out.

Lewes Road was a great area for kids to play with lots of alleys and twittens.


By Ron Herriott
On 15/08/2020

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