One of the Newhaven based trawlers

By John Hills

Those of you that are old enough may remember an advert shown on ITV in the 1960's of two deckhands eating their breakfast of Corn Flakes aboard a fishing boat. Well that advert was filmed aboard the "Margaret" owned and run by Harry Boniface with his deckhand Robert Page.

The first picture shows the "Margaret" fishing out in the bay.

The second is of stage 12 at high tide. On the deck are Robert Page, Martin Hills & Harry Boniface. Moored alongside her is the "Rosehearty" who was owned by Jack Ennis.

Photo:MFV Margaret at sea.

MFV Margaret at sea.

M. W. Hills private collection

Photo:Trawlers berthed on stage 12

Trawlers berthed on stage 12

M. W. Hills private collection

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That was a high tide! Not often you have to wade ashore when you're alongside a stage.

By Andy Gilbert
On 24/07/2008

It is nice to see a picture of my grandad's boat as there are not many. I would love to know if there are any more or any memories you have of my grandad and great grandad Henry Morgan Boniface.

On 17/11/2008

I worked on the Margaret with Harry when I left school, Harry's favourite fishing spot was Eastbourne, we would often go fishing there when the wind was strong west or north west as it is sheltered by Beachy Head. I can remember some big catches of giant plaice some weighing 6lb or more. Harry's dad Henry was the fisheries officer and would always keep a keen eye on our efforts.

By Bob (Pug) Page
On 07/01/2009

I knew both as they were my uncle and cousin. Uncle Henry and Auntie Ann. Young Harry, Joyce and I used to stay in Hillcrest Rd a lot with Valerie and Barbara, who were Harry's Sisters. Uncle's boat SM510 and a life boat were named after him. We have lost touch but you can e mail me. I would like that as I am now 72.

Regards Eileen.

Site rules dictate that we don't put people's email addresses in their comments, Eileen. If anyone wishes to make contact, we can assist, I'm sure. - Andy, Editor.

By eileen miles NEE SNELLING
On 27/06/2010

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