High Street, Newhaven

Photo:Bannisters - 1984

Bannisters - 1984

Mrs Mary Morgan Private Collection

Photo:Old Bannisters Building - 2008

Old Bannisters Building - 2008

L Stonehouse

Photo:Bannisters Advertisment - 1950

Bannisters Advertisment - 1950

When did Bannister's close?

This page was added by Jackie Blackwell on 03/09/2007.
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Bannisters must have closed after I left Newhaven in 1986

By Jan Chapman
On 22/12/2007

Around 1989-1990 I think

By Michael Bannister
On 21/03/2009

I closed this shop in 1986, the last of 14 shops that my family had in the High Street over the years. The High St. being known as the staircase as it had Bannisters on both sides.

By Trevor Bannister
On 20/09/2022

The Bannister Dynasty must have closed down in the 1980s. I and my father worked for the builders run by Clayton Lee Bannister. Dad worked in the office; I was a carpenter. I left in 1968, by then the company had relocated to the Quarry at the end of Fort Road and set up a company called "Nainshouse" making packing cases as well as the building side. Dad was made redundant in the mid 1980s, Clayton Bannister's son Christopher was running the company by then, he closed the firm down and went farming I believe. Dad went to work for Bull's on the North Key, then later "C H Seymours" in Seaford.

By Terry Howard
On 25/09/2022

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