Photo:Copy of Railway Carriage Print

Copy of Railway Carriage Print

Southern Railway c1930's

Photo:Sleepers Hole and London & Paris Hotel

Sleepers Hole and London & Paris Hotel

Part of Railway Carriage Print

Photo:View from Fort

View from Fort

Part of Railway Carriage Print

Photo:Sleepers Hole & harbour

Sleepers Hole & harbour

Part of Railway Carriage Print

Photo:The Old Toll Bridge

The Old Toll Bridge

Old Postcard

Colin Holden

Photo 1 is a copy of a Railway Carriage Print. These were to be seen above the headrests in the Railway carriages right up until the 1960's and were advertising places throughout the country where the Railways operated to. They were either photos like this one, or paintings. Nowadays they are highly sought after and fetch good prices, so much so that copies are now being made.

Photos 2, 3 & 4 are blow-ups of parts of Photo No 1 and show the busy port operating at that time.

In Photo 3 can be seen the large pond which existed in the Fort Road Rec. This pond was the result of digging clay which was used in the production of bricks for the construction of the Fort. It was in this pond that an unfortunate vagrant worker perished after a few drinks in The Sheffield public house.

Towards the bottom left hand of this picture can be seen the old vent pipe from the sewer known as the "Stink-Pipe"

This view also shows the position of the Bonded warehouse on the west quay and the sheerlegs on the east quay, both up near the old swingbridge.

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