The 1950's & 60's

Richard Beckett

Photo 1 shows a view along Chapel Street from Bridge Street, before the advent of the Ring Road. The Co-op store later became a social club.

Photo 2 is a view from where the Surgery car park is now situated. The buildings on the right were demolished and that is where the ring road (Southway) is. The flint wall on the left still survives around the present Police Station yard.

Photos 3 & 4 are of St Lukes Lane, which still survives as the narrow alley down the side of Woolworths.

Photo 5 is a view of Essex Place taken looking northwards probably sometime in the late 1960's early 70's.

Photo 6 is the old Police Station situated about where the Multi storey car park is now.

Photo:The Coop at the corner of Chapel Street and Bridge Street

The Coop at the corner of Chapel Street and Bridge Street

Maritime Museum

Photo:Church Road

Church Road

Old Postcard

Photo:St Lukes Lane looking towards the river

St Lukes Lane looking towards the river

Old Postcard

Photo:St Lukes lane Looking towards the High Street

St Lukes lane Looking towards the High Street

Old postcard

Photo:Essex Place looking towards Lewes

Essex Place looking towards Lewes


Photo:The old Police Station

The old Police Station


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I was delighted to see the photo of the Co-op at the junction of Bridge Street and Chapel Street. My father was manager of this department store from about 1950 through until about 1970. When I first visited the store it was a two storey building with Haberdashery, Men's Outfitting and Shoe departments on the ground floor together with the cash office. The first floor was for Furniture and Flooring. The building was very old fashioned and the upper part had a huge amount of wood in its construction. When in later years the upper floor was removed a small section remained which contained a staff room, a singularly basic and uninviting space. The original wide staircase leading from Bridge Street to the 1st Floor also remained in situ. The cash office was served by an amazing arrangement of wires that led all around the building on which money containers whizzed overhead, it was a bit like having a model tramway system above you. When the building was modernised the section that had once been for the sale of shoes became the Furniture department otherwise much remained the same. I also remember the old Police Station well. On one occasion back in the 1960's I left my car for a few days outside the house of a relation on what I thought was a private road running alongside the upper part of Brighton Road and when I returned found I had ticket. I went to this Police Station to point out that the car had not been left on a 'public road' only to be informed that that service road was in fact construed as part of the main road to Brighton!! Luckily things were a lot easier in those days and a chat with the officer on duty resolved the situation with the ticket being withdrawn.

By Derek Longly
On 17/06/2011

Really nice to see the photos of St Luke's Lane. I lived at No 10 next door to Arnold's shop.

By Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson)
On 01/01/2017

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