By Colin Holden

At the left hand side about half way up the photograph can be seen where the east pier curved into the entrance to the Tidemills creek.

The Railway Track down the west bank can be seen crossing a small bridge over an entrance to Sleepers Hole then past a Building (which may have been where the Watch House was). Beyond that the railway continues down the west bank across the entrance to Sleepers Hole over a raised viaduct on piers. This viaduct had a section which could be opened to allow larger boats through into Sleepers Hole. In later years this viaduct was removed and the railway diverted around Sleepers Hole. It also looks as if at that date Sleepers Hole occupied a much larger area towards where the camera is situated than it did in later years.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VIEW ACROSS SLEEPERS HOLE TO THE EAST PIER' page

Colin Holden

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