1969 / 1970 Season

By Paul Blackman

Back in around 1967 a Gentleman named Bob Cox who worked in the Port Offices at the Ferry Terminal started a Sunday football team called British Rail Newhaven.

We met every Monday evening in the Railway Club which was just over the old swing bridge on the right hand side, as you went towards the Station. (Is it still there ?)

We played our home games at Lewes Road Recreation Ground when it was much bigger than it is now. It was a good team and we started in Division 10 of the Sussex Sunday League and within 4 years were in Division 2 (being promoted more than one league at a time of course).

This is a picture of the 'First Team' taken at Fishersgate in Shoreham during the 1969/70 season. I think we were playing in Division 4 then.

Back Row left to right: Paul Cooper (who use to turn up every Sunday to 'run the line' in all weathers), Trevor Blacktin, 'Butch' Meacham, Alan Tapp (Club Captain but probably injured when photo was taken), Mike Smith, Alan ('Pringle') Prior, Ray Wells, Bob Young, Bob Cox (the man who may made it all happen, if you're still around Bob thanks very much),

Front Row left to right: Bob Jones, Dick Sorrell, Pete Woolford, Paul Blackman, Ricky Atkinson, Bob Hitchcock.

I think this was the season we went through undefeated.....unless of course you know different.

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Comments about this page

I was a founder member in 1967 great to see this photo. Unfortunately as the new talent arrived I was relegated to the second team who went on to win division 13, our centre forward Tony Russell scored over 50 goals in that season!! I heard last year that Bob Cox has died, he really was a great manager and did a lot for the British Rail Teams. Those were the days.

By Dave Preece
On 07/03/2009

Nice to see this photo, I hadn't seen it before,even though I was in it. It was great to see Pete Woolford in a team photo. I can help with people in the photo.

Back-l/r: Paul Cooper,? Butch, Tappy, Mickey Smith, Pringle, myself and Box Cox. Front-l/r: Jonah, Dickey Sorrell, Wooley, Paul, Dick, Tony Browning ?

I now recognise Trevor Blacktin and 'scratch' Hitchcock,but I will never understand how Dick Atkinson got in the same team as the decent players on show. Blacktin and Woolford - different gravy.

By Ray wells
On 10/08/2010

Met up with Trev Blacktin last week. We have remained friends ever since we left school and he has been living in Hertford for the last 40 years or so. Trev has suffered a number of football related injuries over the years and has knee problems now. He looks well and we went through the picture above and recalled to mind lots of fond memories. Agree with you Ray that Pete and Trev were in a different class to the rest of us.

By Paul Blackman
On 12/08/2011

Can anyone help. I am looking for a childhood friend named Micky Kearns who played as a winger for British Rail in the late 60s and into the 70s. He toured abroad with the team. I believe he was a driver of diesel trains I think out of Stratford East London, he would be in his mid 60's.

By Tony Perryman
On 02/05/2013

Regarding photo above I'm sad to mention that Trevor Blacktin passed away on Saturday 1st October. Trevor and I went to school together and we lived just a few doors apart in Brighton Road in Newhaven.

I've kept in touch with him and his family after 'Trev' moved to Hertford in the early 70's. He played for British Rail for a couple of seasons on Sundays but his Saturday clubs were Eastbourne United, then he moved on to Captain Lewes and at County level for Sussex and then finally moving to Hertford. He also played at schoolboy International level for England.

Good comment made above by Ray Wells. Trev and Pete Woolford were a 'cut above' the rest of us, you're right Ray to have had those 2 in our team was something special. 

Trevor's wife, Marion, has given me permission to 'post' this comment and she was very pleased for me to do so.  

By Paul Blackman
On 12/10/2022

Do remember playing for Newick Rangers in 1972 when Trev & Woffi both playing. Both awesome people.

Best via Sydney.

Ken Clarke.

By Ken Clarke
On 10/11/2022

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