LIFEBOAT - Keith Anderson (52-32)

Photo:Moored up and waiting

Moored up and waiting

Vicky Delaney

Photo:All aboard

All aboard

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Moored up ,whats going on here then?

Moored up ,whats going on here then?

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Moving off

Moving off

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Moving away

Moving away

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Speeding up

Speeding up

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Approaching the East Pier

Approaching the East Pier

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Leaving the harbour

Leaving the harbour

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Full speed ahead

Full speed ahead

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Moving along the coast

Moving along the coast

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Lower the dinghy down

Lower the dinghy down

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Smaller vessel used to gain access to coves and shallow waters along the coast

Smaller vessel used to gain access to coves and shallow waters along the coast

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Returning back to the Lifeboat

Returning back to the Lifeboat

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Pulling the dinghy closer

Pulling the dinghy closer

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Helping everyone aboard

Helping everyone aboard

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Winched aboard

Winched aboard

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Another rescue

Another rescue

Vicky Delaney

Photo:On the way back (Chris Delaney,Chris Bird)

On the way back (Chris Delaney,Chris Bird)

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Returning home

Returning home

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Steve Kent and Chris Delaney hard at work

Steve Kent and Chris Delaney hard at work

Vicky Delaney

On manouvres in the 1990's

By Laurie Stonehouse

These photographs show the "Keith Anderson" number 52-32, moored up in the harbour and on various manouvres.   Some were maybe just training exercises, or possibly actual rescues during the 1990's.

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 23/11/2008.
Comments about this page

Interesting pictures. My late mother was taken on the Keith Anderson for burial at sea. I can't praise the crew enough for that sad day. Coxwain was a Mr Paddy Boyle. It was that day which prompted me to join the RNLI as a life governor. Great men doing a great job!

By Wiliam Still
On 24/11/2008

The 'smaller vessel' is actually Brighton Lifeboat. An Atlantic 21 class lifeboat which was based in Brighton Marina. We regularly exercised with Newhaven Lifeboat (and still do). I believe the rest of the photos show a 'Medical exercise' in progress with casualties wrappped in foil blankets and one in a basket stretcher.

By Roger Cohen
On 29/11/2009

Roger, was your father George Cohen who worked for Bannisters Builders?.

By Terry Howard
On 14/10/2010

Yes, my Dad was George Cohen. Apprentice then chippie at Bannisters.

By Roger Cohen
On 18/02/2012

Yep so was I, started in 1961. We lived in Acacia Road Denton then moved up to Wellington Road. Always had some fun working with your dad, especially riding with him on the BSA 250 combo, you havn't lived till you have spent time on a motorcycle and side car.

By Terry Howard
On 19/02/2012

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