Still afloat and working in sunny climes!

By Andy Gilbert

It has recently been reported in the press that our much-loved Senlac is being broken up. I'm not sure how that rumour got started and passed on to Peter Bailey for his Sussex Express column, but I'm happy to say that it is not true.

Senlac is now sailing as European Seaway's Apollon, running between Bari in Italy and Durres in Albania. I understand that she has had a slightly shaky 2008 summer season and that competition on the route is fierce which might not bode well for her future. However I'm also informed that she is in excellent condition overall and as you can see from the latest photo she looks pretty much the same as she used to when she was at Newhaven.

The European Seaways website shows her as still operating the route "from 21st November and onwards" and you can book for next year already!

The port of Bari has a live on-line display of all ships in port and you'll find Apollon berthed next to the harbour station most days. You'll also see her identical sister ships Hengist and Horsa, albeit under the names Agios Georgios and Penelope A, alongside her from time to time. Something of a family gathering!

The age regulations on Mediterranean ferries, though they have recently been extended, will catch up with Senlac before too long but at least she's not yet being turned into razor blades.

Update: August 2009. Just been sent some photos of her, still working from Bari and looking better than ever.

Photo:Senlac - as Apollon - 2008

Senlac - as Apollon - 2008

Courtesy of European Seaways

Photo:Apollon -2009

Apollon -2009

Kind permission of Trevor Jones

Photo:Apollon - 2009

Apollon - 2009

Kind permission of Trevor Jones

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Comments about this page

Nice to see pictures of some of Newhaven to Dieppe former ferries in their new locations.  On a recent trip to Kefelonia, we saw one of the 'V' boats (Formerly "Villandry"or "Valencay" ) still doing valuable service between the Ionian Island, which I must say is a beautiful area to see out their expected service life. As most locals to Newhaven know these ships served the Newhaven to Dieppe service over quite a few years and gave excellent reliable service, (exception of strike action etc!) which is more of a local political/labour issue!

By Chris Young
On 14/02/2009

I thought I'd posted this reply a couple of months ago Chris. How long ago was this picture taken? Valencay was broken up in 2003 after 18 years in the Med and Villandry only made it to 1998. Not sure about Chantilly after 1996 when she was working in the Red Sea as a Pilgrim Ship.

By Andy Gilbert
On 14/04/2009

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