EAST QUAY - c1961

Walking By The Sheerlegs

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following photograph shows some local residents walking along the East Quay in the early 1960's, just behind the walkers are the massive sheerlegs, this picture puts into perspective the size of this lifting gear. I find it rather odd that people could walk along here, as there must have been many dangers, perhaps this photograph was taken on a quiet Sunday morning.

Photo:East Quay / Sheerlegs - c1961

East Quay / Sheerlegs - c1961

Kind Permission of Ken Lynch

Photo:East Quay - 2008

East Quay - 2008

Laurie Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 14/02/2009.
Comments about this page

Re walking down quayside. Although now many years ago, (pre-war), I can remember one day walking along the quay to the east pier with my parents.

By Richard
On 15/02/2009

Now don't tell Ken Lynch, the provider of the original photo, this (he was our boss at the time) but....

I was on night shift duty at the Sealink Freight Office back in the mid 1980's and I seem to recall one of those many 'lightning' strikes by the French ferry crews left our shift with nothing to do, so we 'locked up' and all went out for a late night walk. We 'collected' one of our shift members from the Railway Club and proceeded to walk all the way from the Marine Shops, along to Railway Quay, past the ferry ramps, down the East Quay and up to the East Pier. Not a soul was in sight from the shore staff!

It's the only time I've ever walked the entire length of the eastern side of the harbour. Looking at the state of it now, I think I'd give it a miss.

By Andy Gilbert
On 15/02/2009

Second picture is a sad sight. Nice to see the Engine sheds again though, I worked there for a few years late 50's till 62.
The general public were not admitted to walk the quay then, they would have been stopped by the policeman at the gate.

By William Still
On 16/02/2009

I remember the shear legs coming down, from memory it was Mike Smith who sat there with an Oxy Acetylene gun and cut through the last bit.

By Gavin Williams
On 13/04/2013

I can remember going along there with my parents. The sheerlegs were so big. I could have only been about 9 or 10 years old and was quite intimidated by them. Can't think how we got in there though.

By Terry Howard
On 13/04/2013

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