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Image of Newhaven

By Minna Robertson

Dear All

I only got four on-line responses to my survey, which meant that I went out and did a survey myself. The overall result out of 100 people (50 in Brighton with people who knew the town and 50 in Newhaven with people who live or work here) showed the following results. I will add that the two surveys did not show any significant differences in image which is why they were combined

41% felt that the image of Newhaven was below average

28 % average

23 % poor

7% good

1% excellent

Positive images were related to a recognition that a lot had been done to Newhaven, as a platform to get to Europe, parts of it were nice, and a visit to Denton Island business centre.

Negative images were related to; the construction of an incinerator, town centre, too many drugs in town, ring road cutting off the town centre, run down aspect of the town and harbour

Thank you to the four who gave very good responses that I was able to draw on for my report.

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Comments about this page

Newhaven to me holds magical memories and I view the town as one with an amazing character and history. But I have no doubt that many would view it as a 'dump'. Anyone visiting it for the first time and with no knowledge of the town would surely not be impressed. And if I had to point to one thing that despoiled the town or at least stopped it from re-generating, it would have to be the building of the one-way traffic system (in the 1970s?). This isolated and destroyed the heart of the town and produced an island of concrete and 'stranded' businesses. And now, the west side of the harbour has been redeveloped and all its history and character removed, from the swing bridge to the marina. What a pity that developers and politicians are incapable of redevelopment without destruction of character. Regardless of this I still have great affection for Newhaven.

By Ashley Leaney
On 18/12/2011

So, It seems the only way to bring lasting hope and prosperity to the town is to paint all the walls pretty colours. Or am I just being cynical???? 

By Ian Bishop
On 10/06/2024

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