Crew outing to Gordons Distillery in London.

By Tony Baitup

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This picture was taken in the mid 1960's.  In 1964 the crew of Falaise went on a coach outing to Gordons Distillery in London, we had a great day out and were wined and ginned handsomely. There are not many of the group left now, sadly, but if anyone would like to contact me, I will be happy to have a chat.


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Falaise arrived in 1964, so your date must be around then.

I can remember being told about these outings by several crew members of various ferries. All reported a good day out, with somewhat blurry memories of the trip home!

I've looked for my brother Barry in the photo, but he might not have made it across from Brighton or Meeching at the time.

Can you tell us where you are in the photo, Tony? And can you recall a few names of your crew mates?

By Andy Gilbert
On 07/03/2009

I can name most of the crew, Ted Redbourne is the one in back holding gin bottle, Martin Watts to left, George Page to right.

Then from left to right, Eric Voice, John Harvey,?,Bubbles Franklin, Don Jenner,?, Les Southerden, Billy Dawkins, Jack Driver, Chick Foster, John Whitters, Newt Hardy,?,?, Tom Saunders,?, Gordons Manager.

Front row-left to right -?,Curly Burr, Jack Wise, Jim Morris, Bob Moore, Bill Smith, Behind him is Reg Beeching,?,Roy Hampton, me Tony Baitup, Mabel Murphy.

Front centre is Gordons main man,on his left is Fred Lower, Bert Page, Dolly Moore, Reg Sales, Mickey folwell.
This is the best I can recall, all the ? marks are ones I can't name at present but may come to memory in early hours of mornings. Perhaps Jacky Driver would help.

By Tony Baitup
On 14/03/2009

Thought of another, 2nd row right is Chris Farley. and it is Roly Burr, not Curly.

By Tony Baitup
On 14/03/2009

Hi Tony. I remember those names as well,do you remember when you were my berthing master,when Newhaven had a working harbour?

I was with Big Ted in the seamen's hospital when he had his heart surgery - sorry to hear he didnt make it, we had some good times.

By Colin Pryer
On 28/06/2009

I am trying to trace my father his name was Jean Francois Lorec and he worked on the Villandry and or the Vallencay in and around 1963. My mum's name was Heather Llewellyn Powell and at the time she ran a bakery in Lewes, does this ring any bells with anyone. I would just like to find out what sort of chap he was. I live in Lewes.

By Michel Lorec
On 02/10/2010

Can anyone remember my late father Jack Giles who was chief steward on the ship Falaise from 1956 to 1962 Southampton to St Marlo run ? 

By john giles
On 12/11/2010

Hi Tony, crew member "Bubbles" Franklin, is the mother of Patrick "Paddy" Franklin I believe. He and I were very good friends, also best man at his wedding to Penny. I lost contact with this family on my moving to Somerset in the 70's. Although I have a posting on the Message Board, there has been no response, just wondered if you had any knowledge of them. Thanks.

By Colin Brandon
On 21/01/2011

Hello Tony, I have just found this site and i find it really interesting. My dad Jack Driver was a member of the crew on the Falaise, and looking at your picture brings back loads of good memories from then. I know you attended his funeral last October and was sorry that i couldn't get to talk to you i know he would have been pleased that you came. I know that most of the crew are sadly not with us any more but it is lovely to see some of the old crew and I have some great memories of you all, take care.

By Janet Jenkins
On 24/07/2011

Dear Janet, if you read this, Jack was my best friend, we were on the Brighton as deck boys. We took the Brighton to Spithead in 1953 to anchor in the lines for the review. Jack and I shared happy times together, used to go on long walks in Dieppe on lay overs, we must have eaten a horse between us, dining out. To Colin Pryer, happy days, sad to move to Dover but turned out the best career move for me, Stena pay me a decent pension. Is Nigel Pryke still about?

By Tony Baitup (tosca)
On 17/06/2012

Tony, do you recall a Joe Twamley who I believe worked on the Brighton 5.  See message above re Jean François Lorec.  My husband found his father after 54 years and we brought him down to the museum on 26th July this year.  Joe was a good friend of Jean's and he would appreciate any information you might have.  Dawn Lorec


By Dawn Lorec
On 18/08/2018

Dear Dawn Lorec - I worked on the Ferries with Joe Twamley he was our electrical officier. I first met him on the Londres and the Brighton we where all on the Falaise for 9 years then we all moved over to the Senlac. After a few years Joe retired but it was not long after this that he sadly passed away.

I do hope that this might be of some help to you.



By Mick Cutler
On 18/08/2018

Thank you kindly Tony for taking the time to provide all this information, we are visiting Jean in Dieppe this coming weekend and we will show him your message, Jean is 83 years of age.  Whilst this is sad news it brings another chapter to an end for my husband's father and he will be very grateful.  Do you know roughly what year and where his grave might be as we think Jean would like to visit it.  He would probably like to know what he died from if you know, he has already told us some funny stories of their time together in Newhaven, Peacehaven and Lewes.  On one New Year's Eve they got on the boat and rang the bell to welcome in the New Year only two problems, 1 it was before midnight and 2 it wasn't their boat.

By Dawn Lorec
On 19/08/2018

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