By Ed Tyhurst

The picture is credited to Simmons Areofilms Ltd of Hendon, a firm which no longer exists.

Photo:Picture taken in 1931

Picture taken in 1931

This page was added by Ginny Smith on 07/04/2009.
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Worthing at the extreme right - recognisable from her varnished wooden bridge - and I can see Foremost 22 at the tug stage. Not too sure about the ships with twin funnels, though one may be the Rouen before she was converted to oil burning.

By Andy Gilbert
On 08/04/2009

I can't see the Sheerlegs. When were they erected?

By Trevor Bennett
On 13/04/2009

I haven't got the original postcard or the hi-res scan, but have looked at the screen with a magnifying glass! They are there, Trevor! Follow the Railway Quay up to the bridge and there's a vessel berthed at the marine shops, which the glass reveals to be a bucket dredger - most likely Foremost Prince. Now look up and slightly right and you can see a diagonal black line, which is the rear sloping leg. If you then follow this up to the top, you'll see the two front legs.


By Andy Gilbert
On 16/04/2009

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