"Londres" and "Brighton"

By John Quinton

These were taken by my father in the early fifties. The view of "Londres" seems to have been taken from a pleasure steamer.

There is a second, smaller, vessel in the picture of the "Brighton" but the name is not legible. Perhaps someone can identify it.

That steamer is the "Worthing", which dates this photo between 1950 and 1955. I'll try to identify the pleasure steamer in the first photo later - Andy, Editor.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FERRIES IN THE 50s' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FERRIES IN THE 50s' page
This page was added by John Quinton on 02/05/2009.
Comments about this page

It may be the "John McLeod" as I have other photos of this. I think we went on a trip to Beachy Head on it.

By John Quinton
On 03/05/2009

It is certainly an ex-ML.
Mae McCloud. John Mc Cloud
Think she finished up working down in Torbay

By William Still
On 04/05/2009

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Museum looking for a photo of this small pleasure craft, with no luck. If you can send in a photo, John, we can add it to the page.

By Andy Gilbert
On 08/05/2009

I had completely forgotten Mae McLeod and John McLeod till I read this page! Wasn't John McLeod later renamed "Onset"? There was another ex-ML "pleasure craft" around this time, Anzio. I had the pleasure of being seasick on her all the way to Brighton.

By Bruce Macphee
On 02/02/2014

Judging by the wash on the right side of the vessel, I would suggest that it is perhaps a paddle steamer.  I remember that there was paddle steamer late 1950s early 1960's called Consul.  I've no idea who owned it, but went on it with my parents.  Also no idea where it went, but somewhere along the coast.  

By Colin Hussey
On 23/02/2018

The Mae McCloud was used in a 1950's film called The Steel Key. It shows regularly on Talking Pictures.

By Douglas MacDonald
On 23/09/2020

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