By Julie Turk (Lambert)

Note from Richard Beckett (Editor):

With regard to the coloured photograph (which gives the impression that there were a lot of children with red/ginger hair),  after adjusting the colour to be more "true to life", in the second photo I have attempted to repair the tears/creases/cracks and in the process may have inadvertently altered some pupils faces. For this I crave your indulgence and hope those affected will accept my apologies.

Photo:Meeching Valley 1970

Meeching Valley 1970

Photo:Meeching Valley 1970

Meeching Valley 1970

Photo:Meeching Infants 1966/67

Meeching Infants 1966/67

This page was added by Julie Turk (Lambert) on 12/05/2009.
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Meeching Valley Teacher: Mary Holter   Top L to R Mark ?, Robert Greenwood, Glynn Donaldson, Chris Raines, Kevin Dorrington, John ?, Stuart Bruce, Steve Saunders, Stephen Coombes.
2nd row L to R Deidre Lower, Linda Mead, Amanda Rollinson, Louise Feltham, Julie Lambert, Marie Gillen, Denise King, Julie Martin, Helen Moore, Josephine Dufaur.
3rd row L to R Neil Greenaway, David Deakin, Gary Winder, David Dunstall, -?-, Philip Herrington, Mark Allen, Robert Cartwright.
4th row L to R Paula Butler, Sandra Bastin, Belinda Hutchings, Carole Fox, Geraldine Melling, Debra Wade, Jane Power, Tracey Harvey.

Meeching Infants
Top L to R -?-, Mark Baker, Tony Lambert?, Kevin Dorrington, Susan Baker, Linda Page, Jeremy ?, Carole Fox, Paul ?.
Mid L to R Paul Trunfell, Andrew ?, David Dunstall, -?-, -?-, -?-, Terry Strip, -?-, Steve Saunders, Kevin Miles.
Bot L to R Neil Greenaway, Mike Watts, -?-, Mandy Poulton, -?-, Georgina Deakin, Julie Lambert, Melanie Smith.
on Floor -?-, -?-.

By Julie Turk
On 21/05/2009

I think I can fill in some of the spaces: Meeching Valley photo - Mark Taylor, John Langran, Tony Norcross.

 Meeching Infants photo - Jeremy Short, Philip ? not Paul after Carole. I'll try and fill in some more gaps when I've chatted to some other friends and family.

By Steve Saunders
On 30/04/2010

The Meeching Valley 'Class of 1970' (under Mrs Holter) are my contemporaries, but I can't recall exactly why I wasn't there. Notable absences are D Robbins (don't know where he would have been) - and G Butcher, but I think he arrived in Newhaven only after 1970. Come to think of it - I think that Mrs Holter may have had a more junior class, looking at the people whose names I know seem to have been a little older than myself.

By John Simmons
On 23/03/2016

Hi John, it may have been something to do with the month you were born. I was born at the beginning of September and in 1970 they changed the school year start date which meant when moving to Grays from Meeching Infants I became the oldest in the class rather than previously being the youngest. So a lot of my classmates at Meeching infants ended up in a class a year ahead of me.... the extra year at school didn't help me at all to be honest.

By Rob Patten
On 24/03/2016

I think maybe you're right there, Rob - I always seemed to be one of the 'younger' pupils in my year, being born (as I was) later in the year.

By John Simmons
On 04/04/2016

Meeching Infants.

Hi Julie

Mid L to R The one between Paul Tufnall and David Dunstall is me Trevor Elliott. Well done on remembering all the others though I wouldn't have had a clue.

By Trevor Elliott
On 20/12/2017

Hi Julie, I can fill in four of the missing names from the Meeching Infants 66/67 photo. Extreme left in back row next to Mark Baker is Ian Moore. Middle row 5th from left is Steven Wells & next to him, 6th from left is Paul Marshall. Left sitting on the floor is my brother Mark Meredith. Great work, you nearly have a full house now.

By Steve Meredith
On 27/06/2019

Can't believe this pic !!!.. Had only a few when I was a kid.... Hi to all who remembers me. Live just outside Bristol now and a local Town Councillor... who would have thought? Some of these names really bring back some memories from my time at Meeching and the latter Tideway..


By Robert Cartwright
On 27/01/2020

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