Before the roundabout

By Laurie Stonehouse

These photographs show Denton Corner before the improvements that happened in the mid 1980's, the first photograph was taken from the slip road that used to run off the A259 into Avis Road. Note that the old Texaco garage is under construction. I'm not sure of the year but I would estimate early 1970's.

The second picture is taken from the other direction with the camera pointing down Station Road. This time the slip road into Avis Road is clearly visible, the bus stop shelter gives the first photo more perspective.

Photo:Denton Corner - C1973

Denton Corner - C1973

Kind permission of M George

Photo:Denton Corner - C1982

Denton Corner - C1982

Kind permission of M George

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 03/05/2009.
Comments about this page

These first pictures show the Brighton bus stop at Denton Corner, (as it used to be!), and I remember waiting here quite regularly both for the school bus and the Brighton bus, this was then the Southdown Bus Company .
The second picture shows the bottom of Station Road, feeding in to Avis Road, where it enters the A259 junction.  The Avis Way parade of shops at the right of this picture is where the original newsagent was, I think it was called 'INAS' when first opened in the 1960's. This has had many name changes since then but still remains a newsagents.

By Chris Young
On 04/05/2009

I think picture 1 is a little bit later than 1973, as I remember the bus shelters being brick built and in 1973 I wasn't very old! It could be as late as 1979 looking at the style of the bus shelter.

By Michael Young
On 03/10/2010

There was also Mrs. Fish's green grocers by INAS. The Fish family moved from Denton to Beresford Road. Two son's Colin & Martin. Always amused me that you brought fruit from a Fish !

By Simon Spiers
On 17/12/2010

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