Ro Ro Ferry

By Mick Cutler and Andy Gilbert

This is the last ship that I worked on for two and half years, on the Newhaven/Dieppe service - frieght only.

Exxtor 1 was originally chartered by Dieppe Ro-Ro to primarily carry large numbers of unaccompanied semi-trailers operated by TOE (Transports Ouest Europeen). For Newhaven, she was a useful ship, as she could also carry 12 drivers, which usually mean that typically between 8 to 12 artics or lorries could also make the crossing. Very handy in the summer months when coaches and cars completey filled the other ferries! Her large open top deck meant that she could carry vehicles loaded with 'Dangerous Goods' that were 'on deck only' and that the Sealink or Dieppe Ferries vessels could therefore not take.

Towards the end of her time here at Newhaven, she was renamed Rotrail , an anagram of Trailor, makers of many of the semi-trailers. - Andy Gilbert, Editor.

Photo:MV Exxtor 1

MV Exxtor 1

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This page was added by Mick Cutler on 24/07/2009.
Comments about this page

Thanks for putting that one in Mick. As I had been living in the midlands at that time I had no knowledge of her.
She looks, as you say, a useful ship.

By William Still
On 28/07/2009

If my memory is right, I believe that there 2 RoRo Ferries that used to bring the trailers over Exxtor 1 & 2. I worked from Railway Road for Mark and Gary Lewis for a while in 1987 pulling TOE, SCAC and "Calberson" trailers, as well as containers, going anywhere within the UK. 

By Colin Parsons
On 27/01/2024

There was just "Exxtor 1",  Colin no "Exxtor 2". I suspect you're thinking of "C R Casablanca", which carried all the SCAC traffic around the same time. Sealink were also running "Marine Evangeline" and "Transcontainer 1" to cope with the number of freight vehicles and semitrailers.

I was working at Sealink's freight office back then, so I must have signed a TOE, Calberson or SCAC trailer out to you many times! I remember Gary, reg number on his car was GL 111! He would be in our office most days!

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/02/2024

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