Junction of Drove and Railway Road

The Drove garage, this was at the junction of the Drove with Railway Road , replaced with the new developments of the 1970s, including the fly-over. Not only a great convenience, it had also one boasted a roller skating rink and a very popular dancing hall during the last war. (Peter Bailey M.B.E)

Photo:Drove Garage 2

Drove Garage 2

Photo courtesy of Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Similar postion 2007

Similar postion 2007

Sylvia Woolford

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I remember calling in at the shop (around the corner ) in the summer holidays on the way to East Side beach .

By Ginny Smith
On 22/08/2007

The Drove garage was actually knocked down in the 1980's as I used to frequent the hamburger bar that was in the same building and it was entered from the Railway Road side. The main door was by the fire escape from the upstairs of the garage. I believe that the owners of the burger bar are the same people who went on to establish "Dunkies" burger bar in Seaford.

Both myself and Tom Bonnor also worked on a show (lights and smoke etc) to launch the new Ford Granada in the garage for that year. I believe that this car launch would have been in 1984 or 1985.

By Keith Johnson
On 10/02/2008

Yes, definitely there in the mid 80's, when I was working at Sealink. One of the freight agents, Newhaven Port Agency had their office in the building. On a night shift at the freight office, one of us would often go across and pick up everyone's burger orders.

I think it must have been one of the smallest Ford dealers in the country. I'm pretty sure I had my Cortina serviced there in the late 1970's.

By Andy Gilbert
On 28/02/2008

My grandmother used to live in the building on the left. It was divided into two flats. She and step-grandad lived in the downstairs one. There used to be a wall and neat, lawned gardens to the front (where the cars are parked). I used to spend hours playing in the back garden. The rear part of it had been left and become overgrown. There was a filled-in pond and buddleia bush which attracted hundreds of butterflies.

By Mary O'Dell (nee Paddy)
On 27/10/2008

Looking at the first picture I see the MFI flags on the poles and towards the level crossing the sign indicates gates not lifting barriers which dates it probably early 70's. I bought my first NEW car from The Drove, sold to me by Mr Gessey's son. I had my cars serviced there regularly until the garage disappeared and I still have my car serviced by one of the mechanics from the Drove Garage who set up a vehicle servicing business locally.

By Richard
On 01/11/2008

The cars on the forecourt include a Ford Sierra and a Ford Orion, so that definitely makes it early to mid 1980's, as the Sierra wasn't introduced until 1982 and the Orion in 1983.

Plus, the flyover has already been built, as the junction is in its current form. Also, the old gates at the level crossing were changed for barriers in the late 60's, I think. I can remember writing a school essay that included them, and that was in my earliest years at Tideway, 1968 or 69.

By Andy Gilbert
On 16/02/2009

A mate of mine, "Fred" Kennard was the manager there for its last few years

By Ron Herriott
On 13/12/2009

I think that you will find that the garage closed in either 1988 or 1989. I had an '85 XR3i, which was serviced there before I became redundant in 1987. Bob Gessey had a metalic blue Aston Martin at the time.

By Charlie Verrall
On 06/02/2010

The top photo is definitely after 1982, I know this because I worked in the old MFI store in Avis Way over the Xmas & New Year period 1982/3. Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly when MFI moved!

By michael Young
On 04/02/2011

Does anyone remember the name of the young lady who lived in the house next to the garage?. This would be in the sixties. She used to work in the dining car on the boat train that ran up and down from Victoria?.

By Bill Purcell
On 03/12/2011

I, too, have a connection with the building next to the Drove Garage. The bottom flat was the home of my Auntie "Mill", my father, Ron Britchfield's eldest sister and her daughter, Joan Adkins (so Hi, Mary, we are cousins!) Joan was also "the young lady who worked in the dining car" as mentioned by Bill Pullman. Another occupant was their Old English Sheepdog, Bolo who always gave us a very enthusiastic welcome when visiting!

By Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield)
On 06/01/2012

I worked for the Gesseys at the Drove Garage as a petrol pump attendant in the evenings while still at school-must have been 1969/70. Good days.

By Chris Keep
On 13/01/2012

Cleveland Petrol, Simca, George Foster, I worked there two jobs ago. Left to join the Air force. Very happy period of my life. I was very good at snapping wheel studs.. My lunch time servicing of Fludes L.D. vans earned a stiff rebuke from George. On my leaving Bob presented me with a Fiver which I was most pleased with.

By Clive Simmons
On 22/11/2012

I seem to remember visting a schoolmate (Robin Poll) who lived above the gararge !! c 1960

By Bill Simmons
On 02/02/2013

Quite right Bill. I remember "Polly" living in the top flat. I think he joined the army in the mid/late sixties..

By Ernie Robinson
On 06/04/2013

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