Rough weather

By Mick Smith

Lived here all my life and never tire of seeing the waves pound the breakwater

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'BREAKWATER' page
This page was added by Mick Smith on 20/11/2009.
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Great photo.
Brings back memories of the early 60's of walking out to the Lighthouse. You'd hear WUMP then quickly dash under the arches and watch the water come cascading down.
We used to play chicken, see who would be the last to dash in and still be dry !

By Michael Player
On 06/11/2009

My sentiments exactly. I now live on the edge of another ocean and on foggy mornings when the strong smell of salt is in the air I always think of Newhaven.

By Rob Patten
On 06/11/2009

Used to cycle along under the Arches on a stormy day. Got a right soaking one time. I will always remember the Breakwater.

By Still
On 07/11/2009

Mick, was that taken from VTS station ?

By Harry M.
On 24/11/2009

No, the picture was taken between breakwater gates and the old west beach steps

By mick smith
On 27/11/2009

As per previous comments the breakwater always gives dramatic pictures when taken during south westerley gales etc . Glad they have now removed the recent scaffolding around the light house as it may not have been there after this autumnal battering we have all been witnessing during November. I watched the ferry Seven Sisters, leave the other day and can only complement the crew on the inner harbour manoeuvres, only to see it start a rather uncomfortable up and down roll as she cleared the breakwater! I hope they had plenty of sea sick bags on board for the 4 hour crossing .

By Chris Young
On 27/11/2009

This really reminds me of the days spent under the arches sheltering whilst fishing.
Happy days.

By Bryn M
On 27/11/2009

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