HARBOUR VIEWS - 1895 / 1950

Views from the Fort

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following views from the Fort show the harbour entrance and promenade from the 1890's to the 1950's. Distant views of Tidemills can be seen in two of the pictures; the last photo in this selection is from the 1950's and shows a gap in the East Pier.   A section of the pier was removed during the 1940's to hinder any advance from the enemy forces, and it was also during 1940 that Tidemills was pulled down for similar reasons. The area was then used for training purposes by the army from 1940 to 1944.

Photo:Harbour entrance - c1895

Harbour entrance - c1895

G Amy Collection

Photo:Harbour entrance - c1900

Harbour entrance - c1900

H Hills Collection

Photo:Tidemills - c1900

Tidemills - c1900

Edited from above picture

Photo:Harbour entrance - c1920

Harbour entrance - c1920

G Amy Collection

Photo:Tidemills - c1930

Tidemills - c1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:Harbour entrance - c1930

Harbour entrance - c1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:Harbour entrance - c1950

Harbour entrance - c1950

G Amy Collection

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The 5th photo down..... The 2 cottages you can see by the rail track. The nearest to the cliff was occupied by my great grandfather Mr McDonald. This house was called Craigside. My nanny Ivy lived there. The house next door was occupied by the Comben family and that house was called Sunnyside. Both occupants were employees of the Harbour Company, hence the two cottages were called the Company Houses. There are many photo's of these cottages but not many tell you the history of who lived there and why. So I thought I'd say what I've been told and what I read in a local paper on Friday July 22nd 2011.

By Natasha Macmillan
On 30/09/2012

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